28 July 2020

The Scent

‘Follow’ debut EP review


I was gutted when one of my favourite bands, Kaato, called an indefinite hiatus but the founding members are back under a new guise, The Scent, and as I press play, I’m hoping they are louder and better than ever. The Scent are a couple of talented Aussie nationals who moved to Nashville to bask in the music history and culture. The debut EP ‘Follow’ is out now.

The debut single from the EP, ‘Popstar’, opens the record and it has huge likeability, from the thumping drums and grungy vibe to the pop-rock vocals – he has a great range this guy! This is a true earworm and I can’t get enough. It’s energetic, fun and memorable, and a little sleazy.


‘LA x NY’ has a more alt rock feel, with a hint of indie/Britpop influence in places, which flows and pushes forward in a tumultuous fling. It’s joyous and the vocals are so damn melodic I can get lost in them.

‘Don’t Ask Me’ is bass heavy which I love! It’s a multi layered track which nudges the boundaries and has a depth and vibrancy which bring it to life. There’s a more soulful caress to this track, helped by the booming bassline, and the high-pitched vocals just pull me along, breaching my defences til I can’t help but sing along.

I wondered about ‘Dry Sherry’ – it seemed a strange title to be named after a fortified wine – but the story telling style of the lead character ‘Sherry’ is captivating. This is more of a classic stadium rock song and that voice! It just soars divinely above the music. Delicious.

Final track – oh no it’s near the end #sadface – ‘Canyon Blues’ is a tad bluesy and has soulful vocals, a mix of velvet and silk intertwined, and lush backing vocals.

The EP is clearly influenced by a range of different styles and comes together as an eclectic and diverse blend of songs – all really well produced and incredibly catchy. A versatility is displayed which could be key to longevity, and though most are far away from the Kaato style I was used to, there is the familiar personality and vitality I have come to love. For 2 guys they always seem to harvest a much bigger sound and the EP is clearly forged from their heart and soul. Love it. Take a few minutes to check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

The Scent are Kurt Lowney and Mika Nuutinen. Kurt played all instruments in the recording of the EP except Mika’s bass.


Rating: 4/5

Standout track: Don’t Ask Me

For more information check them out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thescentband/