28 January 2021

The Outlaw Orchestra  –  Send Some Whiskey Home – Single 22/1/21

I had the pleasure of meeting these guys in 2019 at Nozfest, which is held at the 1865 in Southampton and organised splendidly by Jodie Bowie. That day on home ground and with plenty of support in the audience, Rocker Dave and company were outstanding. Dave also helped me out with an interview and proved his sense of humour is off the scale, he’s one crazy, genuine and loveable bloke. Anyway, following on from last years well received album, ‘Pantomime Villains’ The Outlaw Orchestra have released the last track ‘Send Some Whiskey Home’ as a single. This is a stroke of genius, as it’s a perfect introduction for anyone who is yet to discover this incredibly original and cool band. It’s hard to believe that Southampton UK, not the Deep South of the United States, is their stomping ground, as their style is a credible mixture of US Country rock with lashings of Bluegrass, Swampy Cajun and Nashville. Along with the off beat humour, expect a Sombrero and Cigar Box guitar to make the odd appearance when viewing them.

This new single features lap-steel by Pete Briley and slide guitar care of Buzzy James ( Buzzy James Trio ). Vocalist ‘Rocker’ Dave Roux, is aided with backing vocals from Trish Burke Manser, also of the Buzzy James Trio and regular ‘OO’ member Ryan Smith is on the drumstool. To start, the guitars twang to create a short instrumental intro and then the melody pushes in with the main vocals. Switching back and fro between vocals and simplistic guitars, allows the song to slowly build, with increasingly stronger flow, before it returns to the basics and leaves as it began, with those mesmerising strings. The end result is one of the most perfect examples of music mellowness you will ever hear and it certainly sticks in your head.

The excellent video for ’Send Some Whiskey Home’ was filmed in the New Forest early one misty Autumn morning and the main star is Ted, Dave’s gorgeous Dog !      

‘Lashings of Bluegrass, Swampy Cajun and Nashville’

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