29 January 2021

MMH Repeat Offenders #12

Hey music fans! The names Rachel and I usually do all our fun admin stuff behind the scenes but when I got the chance to talk about my favourite songs at the moment well I couldn’t resist…

Ocean Grove – Thousand Golden People
This track is modern nu-metal goodness but there’s something about it very unique. The song slips between slow, electronic vibes and heavy almost-punk instrumentals multiple times in one song, perfectly showcasing how Ocean Grove are infact their own genre. “Odd World” as they call it. My favourite part of this song is when the grungy vocals soar over high pitched guitar tunes during the chorus, which gives a distinct other-wordly feel to this song. Can a song make you feel like you’re floating? Just asking for a friend…

Attack Attack! – All My Life
The electronicore kings are back! New vocalist Chris Parketny gives us aggressive screams, Andrew Whiting gives us the classic crabcore breakdowns and electronic samples are used as opposed to autotuned vocals, giving the band a fresh new feel from their older material, whilst still maintaining a sound you can relate to Attack Attack! I’ve seen a lot of comments online that this isn’t “real” AA, etc, etc, but with the 2 original members back in the saddle, this couldn’t be MORE AA in my eyes (and ears). Listen with open ears my friends.

Fit For A King – Locked In My Head
This particular song from Fit For A King should be the go-to anthem for any metalcore fans who are feeling a little locked in their own head with the recent lockdown and pandemic troubles we’ve all found ourselves in. Whilst this particular song wouldn’t win any awards in regards to originally in the metalcore genre, it is a classic scream along anthem. Lyrics you can relate to, haunting clean vocals, angry lead vocals and many woah-oh’s lead to a song after my own heart.

Parkway Drive – Wishing Wells
Almost 3 years later and I’m still without a doubt convinced that Reverence is the best metal album ever released. What really makes wishing wells stand out as a track for me is the intro. Sounds of wind and crows merge into acoustic guitars (not something you would expect from parkway) and when Winston McCall begins talking about God and the Devil in the creepiest voice he could put on, I feel like I’m in a horror film. Then suddenly Winston screams UNTIL I’M DONE. The blistering drums mix with a high pitched guitar riffs to show Parkway are not your average metalcore band, they are top tier. Winston mixes talking, rapping and dirty growls to keep the eerie feel throughout the entire song. I would recommend listening to this track whenever you need to let some anger out.

Pendulum – Driver
From the second this song starts up with the words “We go back” we really do back to 2005. In classic pendulum style the drum and bass slowly and slowly builds up until the “drop”. The only downside to this song is the lack of vocals but honestly it still makes me want to jump into a pit immediately.

P.s Spiritbox – Holy Roller would definitely have been in the list if it hadn’t already been included in Repeat Offenders #4. Check out our previous Repeat Offenders here for more of what we at MMH Radio have got on repeat.

P.s.s Louder Voice is also an excellent song from Fit For A King’s new album.