19 July 2020

The Big Dirty interview and debut album ‘The Sex’ review!!!

Caz Parker recently pinned down The Big Dirty (lucky them..aherm) on the eve of the release of their debut album ‘The Sex’, to talk about the songs, the sex and the general silliness, check it out below and to see if she survived!


To coincide with this Tina C. got her hands on (oo-er!) the brand new album ‘The Sex’ for REVIEW!!!


The Big Dirty
The Sex
Release Date 17th July 2020

Apple watch users, do you burst out laughing every time it prompts you to check your rings? If like me you do then read on, you need Northamptonshire’s The Big Dirty in your life!

When I got into rock ‘n’ roll in the late 80’s it was all about the sex, Sunset Strip, boys with make up, innuendo, hip shaking and trout pouting (anyone else thinking about Bret Michaels sigh…) this was of course until Kurt Cobain convinced everyone our scene was no longer cool, the ratbag. But never fear, The Big Dirty are bringing sexy back, or just sex to be more accurate.

If you like your rock like you like your men (erm..all about the sex and not tooooo demanding on the brain?) then The Big Dirty are right up your alley…eek! Yes expect lots of that for the next 40 or so minutes, sadly The Big Dirty can’t quite keep it up for an hour, now that would be something to brag about! Sorry, I’m trying to be serious, but I can’t stop, it’s just too hard…

The Big Dirty are : –

Wailer – Jonny Rocket
Axe – C Diddy
Hammer Fingers – JC
Drummer Boy – T Dawg

So, let’s get down to business and see what the boys are packing (OMG I really can’t stop!).

The intro aptly titled ‘Foreplay’ is only 34 seconds long… lads that’s just not long enough dontcha know!

Opener proper ‘Hold My Beer’ kicks things off with a tantalising bass line to whet your…. appetite! Close your eyes and you could be in the gutter of the Sunset Strip at 2am in 1989, it ain’t pretty, but boy it’s cool AF! The verses could be the opener on ‘Appetite for Destruction’ such is the gritty dangerous swagger we got going on here.

Single ‘Dirty Rider’ is a tuuuuune, fetch me a dancefloor! The pre-chorus is AOR heaven too, banger! Next cut to the dirty opening riff of ‘Whisky Pistol’ heavy on the bass it gets you right in the chest, or tits if you really want to stay on theme here! I’m not a musician, so in simple terms there’s just something about the bass on this album that just grabs my ear every song.

I’m loving the solid infectious groove of ‘Love With The Lights Off’ just try not to randomly start singing it in Sainsbury’s, you may get arrested, or pick up Karen in the vegetable aisle, the risk is yours to take.

The great melody of ‘Take it Slow’ is where you stop and take a breath and realise that actually these guys have real substance, they know their game, don’t be too fooled by the initial in your face image and cock rock bravado, there’s serious talent behind it, take your time over this one and soak it all up, there’s some seriously interesting arrangements going on here.

Loving ‘All Night Long’ which brings to my mind The Darkness dressed as choir boys, yes I know my mind is a special thing.

Next up ‘Devil Woman’, no not that one, Cliff Richard would be turning in his, erm.. bed.. (he is still alive isn’t he?!!). I’m putting in my request now for a ‘Devil Woman’ t’shirt, this would make an excellent bit of apparel for us laaaadies!

I am definitely swingin’ my thing to the ‘Rhythm of My Drum’ the attitude and sass is strong on this track, sleaze heaven to these ears and could easily be on any of the big hitters albums.

‘Hush’ rhymes with bush, I need say no more on that, you get the picture.

I imagine new single ‘Sensual Lover’ is what would happen if Steel Panther tried to write ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ and before we know it we’re already at the climax of ‘Lightweight Champion’ which I cannot wait to hear live, it’s gonna be one big party! Finally closing with ‘Wham Bam (Thank You Ma’am)’ well that was all over a bit quick wasn’t it (damn if we had a pound for every time we’ve said that, right girls!).

It’s not all about sex though, there’s some songs about beer and drinking too… and a song about the impact of climate change on the global economy… just kidding, gotcha!

MMH’s Caz Parker hit the nail on the head when she pointed out in the interview above, that whilst this is naughty, females can be naughty too! It doesn’t in any way disrespect females, it almost puts them on a pedestal. Whilst comparisons to Steel Panther are inevitable, Steel Panther can come across as all about the shock factor and more of a parody and even a bit degrading to women, but it doesn’t feel like that with The Big Dirty, this is almost a celebration of women and the act of sex in general, and very nicely done too.

Imagine ordering Steel Panther from Wish! But for once I’m not disappointed! The Big Dirty can write a song, no doubt about it there’s a deeper level than first impressions would have you believe and I’m totally loving the frantic bass lines that feature throughout. The only real difference here compared to it’s peers and stablemates is the subtleties are well and truly gone, instead of ‘rock you all night long’ you get ‘I wanna fuck you all night long’. Not for the feint of heart or easily offended, but the best things never are! I’m totally in love (or lust?) with The Big Dirty! See you at the show!



Get ‘The Sex’ here!!!