10 September 2021



The Early Bird aka Tina C. here, it’s my fourth turn on our weekly blog ‘Repeat Offenders’ where the team get to choose five tracks that are floating our repeat boats right now, all released within the last twelve months too! Taxi for Gene Simmons!


Gasoline & Matches – Smiling Viper

Rising Midlands country stars Gasoline & Matches, featuring duo Sally Rea and Steve Marks, rock it up on their new single ‘Smiling Viper’. Sally’s maximum sass has me reaching for the repeat button over and over, I’ll let the band tell it…

“We’ve all come across those people in life that are nice to your face, but it’s a different story as soon as your back is turned…If you’ve experienced this kinda crap, here’s a song for you! We’ve had our fair share of experiences & we let it all out in a writing session in Nashville with the amazing Jenn Bostic, crank it loud and never be afraid to flip the bird if you encounter a Judas!”

Hear ‘Smiling Viper’ Here

Gasoline & Matches Official Facebook Page 


Electric Mob – Devil You Know

Hailing from Brazil, the first thing that hit me when I heard Electric Mob was vocalist Renan Zonta’s voice, just wow! This is a fine song taking me back to the kind of polished hard rock I was listening to back in the 90’s, but still sounding fresh, quality hard rock at it’s finest!

Hear ‘Devil You Know’ Here

Electric Mob Official Facebook Page

Electric Mob Official Website


Dead Romantic – Fight Me

Dead Romantic have featured in my repeat offenders before and will feature again and again I have no doubt, they’re on fire and there’s plenty more to come! Their latest single ‘Fight Me’, their heaviest release to date, is instant goosebumps, when vocalist Dan Taylor broods “I will paint the walls with what’s left of you” I almost start running myself!

Hear ‘Fight Me’ Here

Dead Romantic Official Website

Dead Romantic Official Facebook

See the video below : –


CLKWRK – Fractures

I’m not sure what I love about this and I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just don’t know if it’s the way I’m dragged from a Bon Jovi ‘Keep The Faith’ vibe, to the brooding HIM like verses, to the catchy pop-rock chorus, to the wonderful use of the clearly underused word fractures, whatever it is it all adds up to something fresh that sticks in my brain and on my stereo!

Hear ‘Fractures’ Here

CLKWRK Official Facebook Page


The Hot Damn! – Dance Around

I instantly fell in love with this bum-wiggling, foot-tapping, summer-pop-tastic anthem and it takes me right back to my carefree hairspray days of dancing with my hairbrush to The Bangles. Instant smiles whenever I hear this song, my summer tune for sure, warning it will make you dance around!

Hear ‘Dance Around’ Here

Official The Hot Damn! Facebook Page