26 March 2021

Repeat Offenders #20

Tina C. here with my second turn on our weekly blog ‘Repeat Offenders’ where I get to choose five tracks that are floating my repeat boat right now, and all of these songs released within the last twelve months too! Gene Simmons shut up!


Single By Sunday – Driving Me Crazy

As soon as I heard ‘Driving Me Crazy’ I was instantly smiling and bopping and reminded of a more innocent time pre-smartphones, when a simple kiss at the disco and a one-line text on a big black mobile phone the size of a brick was enough to make your whole week amazing, well at least until the following week when you were, yes, once again, single by Sunday! The overall sound from these young Scottish upstarts is upbeat bubblegum punk/rock with a nice little twist in the lyrics so it’s not throwaway fluff by any means, this takes me to my happy place where the likes of Tsar, All American Rejects and Bowling For Soup reside.

Hear Driving Me Crazy here

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The Cruel Knives – The Life That We Made

From the ashes of Heaven’s Basement, The Cruel Knives are back and open up here with a full-on drum and riff assault instantly building tension and then bang into a solid stripped back bass groove of a verse and what’s this… it’s the voice of Tom Harris! Who I’ve been a fan of since way back in his Black Country EofE days, always said this kid would go far! There’s no let-up here at all, the song remains tense and energetic throughout, check it!

Hear The Life That We Made here

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Skinny Knowledge – Keep Me Out of It

This recently formed four-piece from the South of England are off to a flyer! They got bounce, they got melody, they got slight pop/punk leanings, they got clever hooks and they even take a swipe at Rishi Sunak’s retrain pish in their video for the single, which you just have to see below…..

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Molly Karloff – She Said

No kidding, I randomly exclaim ‘She saiddddddddd’ at least twice a day since hearing this song, startling anyone within earshot. This is the older tougher bigger brother of the standard chorus, this is boss level chorus, top dog chorus, king chorus….. ‘She saiddddddddd, keep movinggggggg’ and then this rifftastic British edgy smack in the face by the Oxfordshire three-piece was given the Romesh Dodangoda magic mix and Oh. My. God. Perfection! Totally love the emphatic vocals of Simon Gee taking the song to another level, he really jumps right out of the speakers. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Hear She Said here

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Ricky Warwick – My Fighting Heart

So much has been said about the subject of love gone a bit wrong, that when a song comes along with a fresh set of words on the subject and lines where you think ‘yep he’s cleverly hit the nail right on the head here’ and add to that the fact that Ricky has the golden touch and can do no wrong in my eyes when it comes to the sound that emanates from his being with the voice of a familiar old friend from The Almighty to the Black Star Riders, this is a sure-fire repeater!

Hear My Fighting Heart here

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