04 May 2020

Nova Charisma

Nova Charisma – Exposition III EP


Nova Charisma, the enigmatic duo Donovan Melero and Sergio Medina, recently released the third and final of their Exposition EP trilogy. Forming in 2019 they released the first two EPs that year to critical acclaim and their latest release ‘ Exposition III’ looks set to impress just as well.

‘The Greater Cause’ opens the EP and what a delicious vocal – raw and yet so melodic, it’s bewitching. A pounding beat resonates in my head, lyrics embedding themselves, as this high energy, pulsing pop-rock track beseeches me to join in with the harmonies. The band’s sound is both entertaining and thought-provoking, with an introspective personal look at mental health, set out in such an open and honest way that it’s a pleasure to listen.

‘Hurt The Worst’ is a slower paced song with keys that add a slightly magical feeling, richly textured and layered to produce a sound much larger than 2 individuals. This is a respectable alt pop-rock track with extra sparkle, a dreamlike quality, and would be very commercially attractive. Despite the serious theme it is almost calming and quietening and most definitely delightful to listen to.

‘Float Up. Stay There’ is my favourite on this EP, meandering keys mix with emotional vocals to create a journey which caught me right in the feels and left me quite emotional. The riffs are sublime and the vocals heavenly. The lyrics are meaningful and poignant and delivered beautifully.

A combination of great songwriting, technical wizardy and superb production make for a very strong EP that would appeal across genres. Most obvious is the comparison with fellow pop-rock artists like Bring Me The Horizon or The Script but if you look past this, there is a depth and talent that is undeniable and they surpass these easily and raise the bar. It’s a captivating and addictive EP. Give it a try and let me know what you think! ‘Exposition III’ is out now via Equal Vision Records.


My Rating: 4.5
Highlights: ‘Float Up. Stay There’
For more information check out their website http://www.novacharisma.com/