28 May 2021

MMH Repeat Offenders #27

My turn on the MMH repeat offenders rota again and a chance to share five tracks, that have stuck in my head recently. Always a pleasure to hear new music and this time my list consists of fresh offerings from new albums. There’s always at least one track that stands out for me personally on an album and this selection are favourite ear worms that I’ve discovered in the past few months. 


The first of the eleven tracks off the bands ‘Fantasmagoria’ album. ‘No Way Out’ is a pumping and nonstop guitar rumble, with eerie vocals.  Soul Jacker combine psychedelic influences with messy alternative rock and create something unique. Soul Jacker already have a strong following and have supported Toploader and The Fratellis. You can’t pigeon hole them as being in just one genre. I anticipate this is just the beginning, a promising future surely beckons for this band, they have an incredible sound.  YouTube Link


The single ‘Damaged Reputation’ is from the new album ‘Aces & Eights’ that will be released mid June. This song is based on the true story of vocalist Rob Cooksley’s friend and how he was treated by someone close to him. The result affected him, in more ways than one. This is a storming tune, flowing with a chant of a chorus and some brilliant guitar that intercepts and fills the gaps. The video below was shot In Bristol, as the Bridewell police station riots were taking place. ‘There we are, all dressed as convicts, shooting a video, and all hell breaks loose!’ chuckled Rob. 


This NWOCR band managed to get in the top 20 with their long awaited debut ‘Against The Wall’ and it will probably remain the favourite  album of the year for many fans of this genre. Out as a single in January ‘DNA’ is an explosive experience to say the least. The initial riff is intertwined with a hook of a chorus and along with the pulsating rhythm, this is one that remains embedded in that space between your headphones.   YouTube Link 


The band’s new album Pyromide, consists of eleven tracks and the first single ‘Thunder From The North’ is the opening number. ‘Whoo Hoo’ it’s fast and sleazy with a crashing of riff along with repeating and screaming vocals from Mr Arde Teronen. So much heavy hitting it’s a stunner and the twin axes of Niko Vuorela and Jiri Paavonaho drag you in their wake.    YouTube Link


A decent mix of drums and gritty guitar get ‘Battle Hymn’ into gear. A punch drunk rhythm and a few backing vocals create a light rock aura and it spans with effortless quality. Intensifying drums and pounding see it out and there’s incredible guitar from Jack Tracey. Taken from the last release ‘From The Darkness’ this is a very bold debut album by Unknown Refuge and I do like Mancini’s writing, he uses Greek Myths and Ancient Wars to inspire him.   YouTube Link