03 October 2019

Mike Zito and Friends – Rock’n’Roll – A tribute to Chuck Berry – Album Review

Mike Zito knew Chuck Berry and even opened up as support for the man , so this is not just a collection of songs for the sake it, this was clearly personal. History has shown that Charles Edward Anderson Berry was indeed the father of Rock’n’roll  and following the lines of evolution he is rightfully also the godfather of all things heavy electric guitar related . For Zito’s 16th long player he has hooked up with the high and mighty from Americas south (and further) blues, jazz and rock community to smash out 20 of Chuck Berry’s songs. Some of the players are much less known that the leviathan’s that are Eric Gales , Walter Trout and the man, the myth and the suit that is Mr Joe Bonamassa.

Some of the tracks are so close to the original it is hard to distinguish if Berry is on vocals (No Particular place to go + Memphis) , some are refreshingly away from the original (Havana moon)  , some are fillers (my ding a ling ) but overall the remaining are really good interpretations. The highlights are Bonammassa on Wee wee hours and the cream of the crop being Walter Trout smashing every bands first cover , Johnny B Goode.

This is a fun album with 21 additional great players and is well worth a listen , especially if driving down Route 66 ….. or the A23 just outside Crawley.

Reviewer Skid    7/10

Mike Zito and Friends – Rock’n’Roll – A tribute to Chuck Berry is Released 1st November on Ruf Records

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