03 October 2019

Alfahanne – Atomvinter – Album review

The translation of Swedish band Alfanne’s latest album , Atomvinter is nuclear winter, the 9 tracks are a mash up from the likes of Rammstein, Sisters of Mercy , Slipknot, Ministry and other goth, death and punk genre bands. Of the said 9 tracks, all bar 3 are in Swedish but the writing and performance is so good that the foreign lyrics form part  of the beat and add to the uniqueness of the record.

This is an astonishing selection of original material that reveals more on each listen. It is a hard record to initially get a grip of, but once it is embedded in your brain, like some sort of foreign body that grows within it takes over your senses.

Alfanne have done that one thing that all bands crave , to make a totally different yet refreshingly similar collection of songs that are superbly crafted as well as executed . If this band are half as good live as they are on this album they will become huge. Atomvinter is a contender for album of the year and is a modern metal classic.

Alfahanne – Atomvinter is released on Indie recordings on 4th October.


Reviewer – Skid


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