10 June 2019

Midnite City. The Eleven, Stoke.


“Can he do it on a wet, windy Tuesday night in Stoke?” Was once asked about Lionel Messi. If you were asking if Midnite City could bring the party to Stoke on a Thursday night, the answer is yes. Absolutely YES!
As the band take the stage and Rob Wylde screams, “Sto-o-o-ke City”, followed by ‘Here Comes the Party’ you know instantly Thursday night in Stoke has just turned into a Saturday night in Rocksville. Their set, a perfect combination of both their self-titled debut album and their second There Goes the Neighbourhood album is paced out flawlessly.

When I was seventeen, I remember standing at Donington Monsters of Rock 1990 with my mullet and my cut off t-shirt, entranced by Brett Micheals and C.C DeVille on that main stage. I’m now 46 and the thought of Brexit, the recent visit by Donald Trump and the mess of the Government has been forgotten as I once again lose myself to catchy no-nonsense rock music. Josh ‘Tabbie’ Williams and Miles Meakin seem like the happiest men in the world on the stage, Shawn Charvette looks like a Rock n Roll Nick Rhodes and Pete Newdeck’s shit-eating grin is never off his face. Rob Wylde himself appears like a Sebastain Bach /David Coverdale hybrid, without the fake teeth and the big ego. “It’s impossible to hear this song and not be happy”, he says whilst introducing ‘Until the End’. Mr Wylde, the natural born rock star and incredible front-man is also spot-on.

Midnite City have undoubtedly made two great albums. However, it’s their live performance that shines, they bring their mojo, their style and their humour upon the stage. “All the way from over there..Rob Wylde”, Tabbie says. I expected the rock and the roll but never expected a Pheonix Nights reference. Midnite City are a pedigree band and this experience shines through in their stagecraft. Rob mentioned to me before-hand he wasn’t feeling the best. Watching tonight’s performance, you would never have guessed.

The set was completed with the fabulous ‘Summer of our Lives’ where the packed room sings along in unison and for an hour and a half everyone had forgotten about work the next day.
Catch them on this tour if you can. They are indeed life’s perfect antidote. I, for one will be seeing them again shortly.


Photo credit: Mark Ellis and Midnite City