07 April 2021

Kiss Kiss Bang  – Hungry, High & Seeing Things EP – 26/3/21 

So when someone says what is Kentucky famous for? I think we have to admit that Bourbon, Coal and Fried Chicken come to mind. Well, you can add ‘Kiss Kiss Bang’ to the list, because I’ve stumbled upon the best sounding new band I’ve heard for quite a while. Having a total refurb in 2018 with a complete change of direction and then getting down to work during the lockdown, they have just brought out a four track EP called ‘Hungry, High & Seeing Things’. It wasn’t easy in the making, as the band were short in numbers, but for three days they battled and finally hit the studio. I was asked to have a listen to the result and to be honest it’s been playing on a loop all day. As they are probably new to you as well, I will resort to comparisons from time to time, so you get the gist of how they sound. 

‘Solid Gold’ Gets into your head from the first note, the introduction is a little familiar, like the Rolling Stones with its, raunchy honky tonk. Then the powerful vocals of Trevor Smith appear and as the song gains strength and the harmonies fall into place, I realise I’m about to hear something special. It has a kicking melody with crushing low guitar grooves and a production that is as clear as crystal. ‘High Price ( For Peace Of Mind ) has a simple and sultry rhythm. Bouncing with energy and a stack of percussion to increase the richness. Then it divides and metamorphosis strikes midway. The tempo slows to almost a halt and we are entertained with a few minutes of soulful, A cappella brilliance. Resuming with the gritty hooks to finish, this track oozes with passion. 

Song three of the four is ‘Easy 2 Love’ and is a heavier in tone. Again the vocals and added harmonies give it so much balance and class. Think of Jeff Scott Soto with the plush guitar of Slash and the heavy driving blues of Whitesnake, just incredible. ‘Slow Motion’ has soul, like The Black Crowes when Chris Robinson fires on all cylinders. The lyrics are easy to take in ‘Slow Motions better than no motion, the slow and steady survive, don’t you let it die’. Soothing and intoxicating strings, generating ecstatic vibes, take the song out. A perfect way to bring the EP to a close.

Wow, 4 songs and 19 minutes of utter mesmerising stuff. All the charisma, confidence and creativity of a rock band, that you would be forgiven for thinking has been around for thirty years or more, not three ! This is so enjoyable to listen to, so to sum up Kiss Kiss Bang, we get slide guitar, twang, groove, persistent sticks and vocals and triple harmonies that are so delicious. This is a combination that will make the peers of rock royalty sit up and take note. I cannot wait for a full album and tour, I would travel anywhere to see these !   

  ( 6 if it was possible ) 

‘Will make the peers of rock royalty sit up and take note’

Highlights – All four tracks  ! 

Kiss Kiss Bang are – Trevor Smith – Vocals/ Guitars/Synth/ Percussion.  Clayton Crowder Guitars/Slide Guitar/Vocals/ Percussion . Andrew Hopper – Bass/Vocals/Percussion and Taylor Sanders – Drums 

Recorded at Gem City Studios, Engineered and Mixed by Matt McQueen & Matt Goldman, Mastered by David Caplinger at Soothsayer Audio, Band Photography – Lily Thompson , Album Photography – Clayton Crowder 

The EP is available now on Band Camp HERE 

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