26 October 2020

Incinery – Hollow Earth Theory

Nottingham thrash quintet Incinery are back on the scene with a fiery new album which is set to be released independently this October. After 6 years since their previous full-length and small bouts of live shows sprinkled throughout, it seems Incinery have got something to prove and make their mark known in the metal community. Strap yourselves in and brace your necks, it’s a heavy one!

From a first listen, you can immediately hear their influences in all aspects of Incinery, from the riff work, tone, drumming and even the vocals, but the band manage to coalesce the work of their idols and package them in a fresh and exciting way. Fans of Testament, Pantera and even Lamb of God will find a comfortable home with ‘Hollow Earth Theory’ as upon closer inspection you can catch little motifs and ideas that have originated in these styles and provide a touch of nostalgia to classic heavy metal.

This record is by no means a classic heavy metal album however, as a moment must be taken to appreciate the visceral and clinical production of the album courtesy of the mix and master by Peter Dowsett of RYP Recordings (also a lecturer at Abbey Road Studios). Dynamic, crisp and powerful guitars drive the album supported by the firm, driving pillars of bass and drums delivering a thunderous backdrop for James Rawlings’ guttural rasp and often anthemic growl. As a united force, the sound encapsulates a Viking berserker warrior’s axe hacking at its woeful enemies – a fine feat for a thrash record!

Single “Falling Into Sky” sets the bar high for the rest of the record, offering a pounding groove and suitable vocal prowess to match. There is a constant sense of urgency and anticipation conveyed through the rhythm that leaves you eagerly awaiting what will happen next. Evolving riffs permeate this release and hearing how they have adapted, intensified and altered the guitars is a real treat; present on tracks such as “Hollow Earth” and “Ellison”.

‘Hollow Earth Theory’s eleven song stretch never gets stagnant or repetitive, each song feels innovative and infects its own groove on the listener; certainly no room for filler tracks here.

Lyrically, the album draws influence from the occult, science fiction and conspiracy theory mediums such as alien abduction, alchemist Nicholas Flamel, the novella of Harlon Ellison and existential cosmic annihilation; all of which a fitting theme for the intense sonic barrage enforcing the vocals. In terms of the vocal delivery, James Rawlings is pushing the boundaries of his vocal talent by executing excellent rasps and powerful deep growls that is enough the chill the bone.

Incinery have firmly rooted themselves as one of the UK’s most fierce thrash metal bands in some time and ‘Hollow Earth Theory’ is a bold statement and looks to propel them into greater heights. Once this wild and wacky 2020 draws to a close, we can count on Incinery making an impact in the live scene and look forward to their follow-up to this powerful and raucous release.


Highlights: “Falling Into Sky” – “Hollow Earth” – “Ellison”

‘Hollow Earth Theory’ is out October 30th – Released independently but can be found on their Bandcamp page here.

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