24 July 2019

Hurtsfall – Lucid (Debut)

Hurtsfall are a four-member Post-Punk band from Nottingham, debuting their single “Lucid”. The band note influences such as The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy, Killing Joke and Joy Division – all very iconic artists which helped establish the 70’s punk scene. It would be nice to have something which brings these classics back to life in a new era, but it’s a hard sound to nail.

This song definitely has those 70’s-80’s vibes, and I’d fully expect to see the band on a line-up with The Sisters of Mercy or Bauhaus. It has a good mix of old school goth and punk. It opens nicely, and is straight into a good rhythm. The second vocalist that comes in gives off a sound comparable to Placebo, which compliments it nicely. Everything mixes well together, and works. The only real criticism I have would be that the song does just slightly lack power around 1:23, and I think it could have done with more percussion and a change in pitch.

It’s a nice start, and is different from a lot of music which is being released at the moment. It’s also a very brave choice, as this genre is certainly a lot more niche. I think that with more time the band will certainly have more to bring to the table, and I’m excited to see what that might sound like.
I think with a full EP it’ll be a lot easier to see the full potential the band has, and how their sound varies. At first glance, they seem to be nailing their core sound.

3.5 stars

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