25 May 2020

Blacktop Mojo – Static

Blacktop Mojo – ‘Static’ EP


Formed back in 2012, Texans Blacktop Mojo release their ‘Static’ EP on 29th May, their fourth release and in my humble opinion another leap on the path to greatness. Their particular blend of grungy southern fried rock has brought them a long way and the new EP looks set to cement their standing as ‘one to watch’. I have a particular affinity to their sound after the last album so was eager to get my hands on the EP and, man, I am not disappointed.

‘The End’ has the most delicious riff and a heavy beat with sensual, lustrous vocals and is layer upon layer of emotion, which rises and falls and catches my breath in my throat. The beat vibrates up through the earth’s crust into my body and I am taken on a tempestuous journey through this fantastically addictive track. It’s a little light on lyrics but nothing more is needed, this is perfect for me just as it is.

‘Watch Me Drown’ has a grungy, soaring vocal and atmospheric chords, building to a strong chorus which again drips with emotion, raw and untethered. Be prepared for this to get you right in the feels as you connect with the lyrics.

‘Leave It Alone’ was the first new track I heard, and I knew straight away I would love the EP, from the gentle rhythmic strum of the guitar opening the song, to those earthy warm vocals, with a tantalisingly raspy edge. This is a slow burn which smoulders away in your chest, a deep rumble in your soul which takes up root, and ignites half way in. Love it!

‘Signal’s Gone’ is now my favourite Blacktop Mojo track of all time. Vocals that pull me in and mesmerise the hell out of me, it’s sombre and heart-wrenching, and most of all a balls to the wall killer rock track with feeling. The static signal, guitar and vocals are simply magnificent in creating the ambience.

The quick succession between this and last release in September 2019 has not affected quality or growth as this is their best, most satisfying release to date, intricately woven guitar and powerful raw vocals. The bar is raised. This is, from start to finish, a total beast of an album. If you check out one band this week, make sure it’s Blacktop Mojo. Go. Run.


Rating: 5/5
Highlights: Signal’s Gone, The End
Find out more online https://www.blacktopmojo.com/