22 May 2020


2 Englishmen, a Welsh man and a Russian walk into a bar. If it’s a music bar the audience will leave happy. The last time I caught Circus 66 they, as always rocked the joint and supplied catchy tunes, great stagecraft and a barrel full of memories. It seems like a lifetime ago,

Circus 66 are described as “a rock band bursting with blues infused funk overtones, shaken up with enough groove to sink a battleship” and once you hear their latest single Monster you will soon discover the description isn’t wrong.

Monster is the second single from the forthcoming album Follow The Black Crow and if the album retains this quality it’s going to be a smasher. The song begins with the sounds of sirens, followed swiftly by a bass line groovier than a pair of suede bell bottoms. The vocals are powerful but not forced entwined with the slick guitar and catchy chorus makes Monster a great track. I for one love this song. I love the melodic feel and the vocal quality. It’s common place to find a great rift with dare I say it a generic angst filled voice but this song holds every band member responsible for their craft and ensures that it takes no short cuts.

On the basis of the last two singles, Monster and A Thousand Miles from Home I for one will be grabbing my hands on a copy of Follow The Black Crow and counting the days to hear this material played live again. I suggest you do the same