28 May 2020

Molly Karloff / Supernaturalation EP / Released 6/3/20 

Back in 2018 a debut EP from the newly emerged Molly Karloff, called ‘Dancing For Money’, sent shock waves through the media and started a roller coaster ride for the Oxford/London based threesome. Gigs followed in quick succession, even a support slot for Oliver Dawsons’s Saxon and a pile of headline shows, often in their native Oxford area and around London. This second EP, came out a couple of months ago and has also received a huge amount of praise. So although late to the party, let’s give ‘Supernatualation’ a spin and see what all the fuss is about.   

The title track is also the first and gives off quite a large amount of heat from just the rhythm. The vocals pound away and leave you stunned, there’s also a glorious bit of string bending to accompany the underlying riff, which all adds up to produce quite an impressive number. The single that came out in January ‘She Said’ opens with more jumbled guitar sounds that seem to conjoin and eventually turn into a grunge type of groove. Simon Guilliard is both vocalist and guitarist, what an incredible mass of talent lies within this man. The lyrics cry out with so much feeling, backed by the subtle and smooth grinding bass from Dan Podbery and consistent stick beating by way of Jowie Adkins. Another guitar infusion towards the end just increases the pleasure.         

‘Do You Wanna’ starts fast and jumpy, almost rockabilly/punk in style, with those low strumming notes. It breaks into a punchy rhythm and I can’t help feel elated with the slightly lighthearted attitude flying off this one. The following song ‘Do It Again’ returns to riff saturation, while Guilliard hits high and off-key heights, bouncing off the delivery from his guitar, what a voice. Fifth and final track ‘The Other Side’ is one of my favourites, a hard hitting beginning with a trance inducing riff and a full blown chorus. Simple but very catchy, as is often the way, ok, I’m in ecstasy now. 


It never fails to surprise me when I stumble across a three piece, who have the ability to sound like there’s about five of them, these guys are one of those, there’s so many levels to this band. Molly Karloff are packed full of promise, the messy riffs with hints of punk rock and psychedelia, together with vibrant and crunching vocals, create a startling, unique and addictive noise. No question about it, they will turn more heads as they continue to rise among the ranks. Production on this EP is outstanding and the variation of songs makes it a worthy contender for best release this year. 

‘A startling, unique and addictive noise’

Highlights – She Said , The Other Side 

Track listing:

1. Supernaturalation

2. She Said

3. Do You Wanna?

4. Do It Again

5. The Other Side

Molly Karloff are: Simon Guilliard – Vocals & Guitar, Dan Podbery – Bass, Jowie Adkins – Drums

Get more information about Molly Karloff from their social pages below, which have links on how to purchase SUPERNATURALATION