16 April 2020

Benevolent Like Quietus – Kill The Bliss

Canadian gothic metal band Benevolent Like Quietus released their debut album “Kill The Bliss” earlier this year, and we were intrigued to give it a listen. This five-piece band say they have drawn their influence from 90’s Scandinavian goth/melancholic rock and metal, and touch on subjects around love, death and sorrow.

An eerie start with “The Beginning of an End”, and we are immediately flung in. It’s one of those “simple yet effective” songs that don’t have much in terms of breakdowns, but is still really great to listen to. “Soil of the Grave” picks the album up, and I get a little vibe of Till Lindeman at the beginning. By the late half I can sing along to it.

One song which caught my attention when looking at the track names was “Mad World”, the band’s cover of Tears for Fears. I enjoy the guitar on this track, it definitely captures the mood well. However, I’m not sure the style of vocals matches up with the song. The band have pushed to create their own version of it, which is honourable for such a famous track, but I don’t think that the song choice matches up well with their sound. I would have opted for a much more sinister vibe for this song, bringing it into the metal world, with some spoken lyrics and a slower tempo.

Moving onto “Love’s Inferno”, the intro of this song works really well. It adds a lot of life and sensuality, and mimics the song title justifiably. It brings out the 90’s rock sounds in parts as well. It is one of the strongest songs on the album, and each component of the track compliments one another.
“A Voluntary Disease” is a very different track in comparison, and starts off with a much heavier tone. The vocalist’s voice matches this song a lot more than the softer rock tracks, and I think that this style of music as a whole just compliments their capabilities much more. At 2:10 the heavy vocals fit really well, and I kind of wish there was more of this.

Benevolent Like Quietus aren’t out-rightly the style of music I’d have on my playlist, but I got more into this band as the album went on. The style that the lead vocalist has would really suit a style closer to Parkway Drive and I think that the choice of soft metal/goth rock doesn’t allow him to unlock his fullest potential. Nonetheless, there’s talent within this band and I hope that as they progress in their career it will unfold even more. I would like to see more metal on the album, and the variety between that and 90’s rock makes me think that the band are either still trying out a few styles before focusing more on their “sound” or are pushing for a sweet spot between the two.


  • “Soil in the Grave”
  • “Love’s Inferno”
  • “A Voluntary Disease”

You can find Benevolent Like Quietus on Facebook here.