06 March 2019

Women Pioneers In Metal-50 Years Of Metal

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In celebration of 50 year’s of metal let’s not forget the pioneer’s of women in Metal ,from singers to guitarist,keyboards,drummer’s,bass even managers.I personally feel myself these women need a shout out and i’m sure we can all agree.We all see documentaries on men that made metal and icon’s that shaped metal today but not enough of women ,who are just as important to the metal scene as the men were and are now. I have personally selected a few women even though the list can be endless who i think have really set the bar and broke barrier’s for women to stand out in the metal scene.With Joan Joan Jett dominating rock and roll,Girlschool and even Courtney Love currently on the scene come the late 90’s -2000’s was the main era where women really stood out.


Amy Lee

Amy well known for being the lead singer to Evanescence was around in the nu metal era back in 1998 .Everyone knew who she was and many over the world covered one of the band’s most famous track’s ‘Bring me to life’. Her classical music accompanied by her classical singing voice,not to mention winning rock goddess of the year in 2011 ,has been on the front cover of many metal,rock and classical magazines and still continues her career with the band alongside personal projects of her own to this day.




Angela Gossow

Angela broke the barrier’s for most women in melodic death metal after stepping in as the new vocalist in Arch Enemy back in the year 2000 taking over from John Liiva. She had dominated the stage with her energetic presence  alongside her powerful vocal’s really making a stand and showing women can do it to.Angela had taken retirement as the band’s vocalist in March 2014 and is now the band’s manager as she wanted to focus on other projects.




Allisa- White Gluz

Allisa was originally in a band called  The Agonist  (which she was in for 4 year’s also). Angela had spotted Allisa’s talent then later took her place as a vocalist . Angela has occasionally came on stage with Allisa during the early day’s of her career with the band . This was big boot’s for Alissa to fill and you will sill get the occasional hater but you can’t please everyone. Allisa didn’t take long to own the stage,she was just as energetic and still had those unique growling vocal’s that gave Arch Enemy their signature sound also with a female singer.I have seen both singer’s perform and even together these a true pioneer’s of women in metal and have stayed true to themselves.




Doro Pesch

Next up the Queen Of heavy metal and the most pleasant woman who truly loves her fan’s -. Doro has been running her own line up since 1980 . Doro has a loyal fan base and is well loved at many festival’s and a great representation of a true metal goddess. I have watched her many times over the year’s and had the chance to meet her last year at Bloodstock .She is always welcomed back to the Uk festival even if she is not playing  . Doro has collaborated with many musicians over the years but my favourite has got to be with Johan from Amon Amarth in the song ‘A dream that cannot be’




Nita Strauus

Nita Strauus is well known for shredding an Ibanez. Originally known as being in an all female Iron Maiden tribute band called ‘The Iron Maiden’s’ back in 2001.She was  spotted by the amazing Alice Cooper and replaced guitarist Orianthi and has been playing show’s since. Also with her appearance with Lzzy Hale from Halestorm at the huge event for the all women’s paper-view at WWE which was insane by. the way.





Lzzy Hale

Lzzy Hale is the lead singer also guitarist in Halestorm who formed back in 1997. She has collaborated with many band’s over the year’s,such as Stone Sour,Dream Theatre, Black Stone Cherry and Shinedown. With her powerful vocal’s accompanied by her talented guitar playing,Lzzy is one of the most known women on the scene right now.




Otep Shamaya

Otep to me was one of the very first women to really bring out the personalty and freedom of speech of women in metal back in 1995 and she is still touring to this day. Her political view’s have often got  her in trouble in her career but she stayed true to herself and is still owning the stage to this day. Her personal appearance and insane vocal’s,also singing to a  pig’s head on a spike back in the early days ,really stood out for me in my teen years back in the year 2000.This woman really knows how to make herself stand out from the crowd and she is a badass.




Liz Buckingham

One of my personal favourites and someone i have had the pleasure of meeting,also lover of Black Sabbath.Joining the doom band called Electric Wizard in 1993,Liz has taken influence from early band’s from the 70’s and really know’s how to bring that feedback from amp,alongside down tuning  her guitar to give us those distorted riff’s.




Floor Janson

Current vocalist of Nightwish ,Floor is known for her showstopping stage performances operatic vocal’s and tight stage presence .With Nightwish mainly being female vocalist’s, Floor is their most current vocalist after joining in 2012 after being in previous band’s before such as  After Forever and Revamp. Some argue who they think was the best vocalist of Nightwish was and i’ve heard many debates myself but to me Floor is just continuing the legacy of female fronted band’s and doing what she does best.




This list is just handful of women that have dominated metal over the past 50 years and hopefully inspiring more women in to the metal scene.I could be here all night going on about amazing women in  the scene right now and women who have set the bar high in the past.These women have built up a fan base,made history in metal,conquered the world with endless music on tour ,So raise a beer and those horn’s for women in metal!



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