07 March 2019

Tribute To Chuck Schuldiner- 50 Years Of Metal




Chuck Shuldiner was born  on May 13th 1967 on Long Island New York. He had moved to Tampa Florida with his family not long after birth. Chuck’s interest in music grew at the early age of 9, when his dad tried to teach him to play classical music on the piano,but this just wasn’t for him. His father had visited a local yard sale and bought Chuck his first electric guitar. Chuck was then bought his first amp and would lock himself away over weekend’s teaching himself to play. Chucks biggest inspiration’s like most of the band’s we know today were Black Sabbath,Judas priest and even classical jazz.At the age of 16 Chuck had formed a band called Mantas in 1983 later changing to Death .Chuck was always’s referred to as ‘The godfather of death metal’,after watching interview’s and documentaries i don’t think this was the way he wanted to be known. Chuck’s ability to play the guitar was way ahead of his time,he had this amazing gift and his ability to write music was beyond word’s and his playing looked effortless. Chuck had a huge passion for life and it showed in his music and personality.The closest i got to seeing the full line up of Death was in Manchester England in 2013 on ‘The Death To All’ tour with close friends Obscura . Although it was quite some time ago i remember the band having a projector on the left hand side of the stage and playing countless amount’s of video’s of Chuck and the member’s who have played in the band over the year’s.The band didn’t speak much just like many of their live performances. Chuck’s band Death have inspired many band’s over the year’s and will always’s hold a huge place in any death metal fan’s heart and Chuck is very much missed.I remember the first time i had listened to Death,they blew my mind.The most successful album of my generation was ‘The Sound Of Perseverance’ released in 1998. Being a lover of death metal i can honestly say this was an album i had listened to that once and it would live in my Cd player for week’s on end .I love the way Chuck had wrote the album’s making it so each song lead’s in to the next,discouraging you from skipping tracks just like an album should be.


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Although Death was Chuck’s band he always wanted to continue with his other band Control Denied which were the complete opposite direction of Death, and fortunately he managed to record an album with the band. Chuck had left a legacy beyond word’s and had taken playing a guitar to the next level creating a great mix of thrash and melodic death and his legacy will always live on.



R.I.P Chuck Shuldiner- 1967- 2001