16 May 2022

Stone Broken, Mason Hill + The Fallen State – 15 May 2022

Stone Broken, Mason Hill + The Fallen State – 15 May 2022

Live from O2 Institute, Birmingham – the Revelation Tour.

The tour we had been waiting ages for…… the tour which had been going oh so very well……. the tour which Rich got laryngitis and the last few remaining gigs had to be rescheduled.

Tonight it was Birmingham’s turn to feel the Stone Broken experience annnnnnd we surely did!

First up was The Fallen State.  A very solid performance from these guys and as a first support, they had a fairly full and very vocal crowd support which was a great start to the evening.  Second up was a band well known to me, Mason Hill.   Having followed them since 2014, this Glasgow line-up never fail to impress and tonight was exactly the same.  Hard hitting tunes, a crowd singing heartily and a venue full of love for Scott Taylor’s recent loss of his Mother.

Then it was the night’s headliners…….Stone Broken.  It really doesn’t get any better than this and you could see Rich, Robyn, Kieron and Chris were loving every minute!  The O2 Institute just bounced to the opening tune, Revelation – hey I should know, try taking pics when you’re singing lol.   This was quickly followed up with Stay All Night and then tune after tune from their very impressive catalogue.  Latest album Revelation is a total show stopper and to say that Stone Broken are well loved by all who know them is an understatement.  The queue into this place tonight went on for miles….. okay a bit of an exaggeration but it was long….. very very long.

Stone Broken are going to be around for a long time yet, have no fear at all about that.  They are on fire right here right now and this is how it will stay.