17 July 2022

DementiaAware Fest, Part 1 – Birmingham 17 July 2022

DementiaAware Fest, Part 1 – Birmingham

Live from Billesley Rock Club, Birmingham

© Lisa Billingham, Billibee Creative

It is always a good day when Dave Evans runs the first one of two DementiaAware Fests in Birmingham.  It is such a worthy cause and MMH Radio are always happy and proud to be associated with the DementiaAware Fests.

There was a fantastic line up listed earlier in the year but unfortunately and unavoidably we lost Psycho Dolls and Black Tree Vultures.  However Dave pulled it out of the bag by adding Misery’s Smile and then only a day or two ago Sam Millar and The Sass Bandits, both were very worthy replacements.

As you can imagine it was extremely hot and sticky and there were a lot of red faces on stage and in the crowd, but with plenty of “fluids” (ahem) and gasps of fresh air and fag smoke between bands it worked, and it worked good.

Well done Dave and well done to everyone involved at Billesley Rock Club ……. see you at the bar for Part 2 on 5 November 2022!