10 September 2020

Snow Coats – Pool Girl

After their 2018 debut album release ‘Take the Weight off your Shoulders’, four-piece indie-pop band Snow Coats are back with some new material. All the way from the Netherlands, they bring us their EP Pool Girl. It is quirky, fun and uplifting.

First track and one of the EP’s singles is ‘Pool Girl’, a feel-good and upbeat song that addresses the healing powers of self-love and self-discovery, coming to terms with regrets, insecurities and sexuality. It features lead vocalist Anouk van der Kamp playing the mandolin, which gives the band their unique sound.

‘Set and Replay’ is about a toxic friendship, “you spin me around again like always” but, despite the deep and complex subject matter, it still has the same lightweight and upbeat feel as the rest of the EP. ‘Jersey Weather’ is about the differences between two people in a relationship, simply put, “I like stormy Jersey weather, you like t-shirts better”. This track is one of my favourites. It’s an easy listen and has a very memorable chorus.

The final track, ‘Navy Blue’, is the EP’s second single. This track is the most upbeat on the track list and has the fastest tempo. ‘I’m navy, you’re bright blue. I like seeing things the way that you do”, the lyrics are quite bittersweet and innocent, contrasting with the other three tracks, but it does suit the band’s sound.

Snow Coat’s first album was self-recorded in their own attic and Pool Girl has the same charming and raw DIY sound. The EP may be short and sweet, but it leaves a lasting impression because of its refreshing and carefree sound. The band finds a quirky but beautiful way of phrasing things in their lyrics. This EP definitely deserves a serious listen.


Highlights: “Pool Girl” and “Jersey Weather”.

Pool Girl is out now via Alcopop! Records and can be purchased here.

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