05 June 2020

Sam Millar interview and new E.P ‘Radio Gouda’ review!!!


Caz Parker recently caught up with Sam Millar on the eve of the release of his new solo E.P. ‘Radio Gouda’, to talk about the songs, embarking on a solo career and some general silliness, check it out below!



To coincide with this Tina C. got her hands on the brand new E.P. ‘Radio Gouda’ for REVIEW!!!



Sam Millar
Radio Gouda E.P.
Released 05th June 2020

If you’re on the scene you’ll be familiar with Sam’s previous band and fan favourite Bigfoot, they caught my eye at HRH Ibiza a few years ago and have been on my radar ever since, following the unfortunate demise of Bigfoot last year Sam is now flying solo. The harder edge has gone and has been replaced by unashamed AOR heaven that takes me right back to Maxime’s AOR rock nights in Wigan circa 1998! Add to that a tinge of Paul Gilbert-esque quirkiness and wrap it up in a feel good 80’s movie soundtrack and we’ve got ‘Radio Gouda’ pegged!

Following in the same vein as his first solo album last years ‘Holy Sass’, ‘Radio Gouda’ is the perfect summer E.P. pop this on and I am instantly cruising the pacific coast highway in the back of Corey Haim’s red convertible with not a care in the world. Snap back to real life in my garden, it’s 26 degrees and I’m singing along with a smile on my face and a cold glass of lambrini (we’re not posh here!) reminiscing about friends and good times, the feel good factor is turned up to eleven on this E.P.

Make no mistake Sam can write a tune, these songs are all real earworms that you’ll find yourself unwittingly humming all day every day. Is it a cheeky bit of Van Halen or Damn Yankees, no it’s ‘Sober’ my current favourite earworm of the E.P. closely followed by ‘Forbidden’.

Wearing his heart firmly on his CD sleeve, the lyrical content has a certain innocence about it that belies his sense of humour, which is clearly displayed on ‘Levi’s’, this is where the Paul Gilbert-isms come into play of genius meets cheese and you’re never quite sure which it is. Lockdown has certainly made all our Levi’s feel too tight, although I doubt that is what our Sammy is alluding to here.

I warn you now, after a few listens you will be unable to go about your day without unwittingly finding yourself singing out loud at any given moment, passers by will stare, your boss will ask why you’re singing about tight Levi’s during a zoom meeting and the shop assistant will impatiently wait to give you your change whilst you tell them that ‘the good times never dieeeee they’re alive and kickin’ and you’ll just roll your eyes and tell them it’s that bloody new Sam Millar E.P. it’s taken up permanent residence in my head!

I think it will be great to see these songs performed live (one day sans coronavirus) for a real feel good singalong and some cool guitar shredding thrown in to dial up the cool factor.

All hail the chorus, long live the chorus!!! I can already tell this will be the soundtrack to my summer days.


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