25 February 2021

Repeat Offenders #16


Pretty Reckless – And So It Went

The Pretty Reckless is a group that I always find myself coming back to, whether it’s stumbling across them on my recommended list on Youtube or Spotify sticking them in my playlist. Their new song ‘And So It Went’ has recently replaced the classic track ‘Going to Hell’ on repeat in my brain.

Released just over a week ago on their new album ‘Death by Rock and Roll’ this track features Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello and has to be one of my favorites from the release. The constant change of tempo against the consistent emotion behind the hoarse vocals makes it a riff-heavy rollercoaster of a number.


Motionless in White – Creatures

Nearly 11 years after the release of their album of the same name, the track ‘Creatures’ still finds its way into my Spotify Queue every-time I jump in the car. While at the time of release reviewers ripped it, along with the whole album, to shreds; it’s aged like a fine wine.

The song itself signifies a period of growth in the band’s timeline, from their work released before this debut full-length album you can hear strong improvements both instrumentally and vocally. It was evident they were still developing to find their style and while the track itself can be described as an ABC of making a metal song, falling into many cliche moments, sometimes you have to just listen to the old stuff the appreciate where a group originated.


Eskimo Callboy – Hypa Hypa

This is just one of those songs that you don’t really remember when you first listened to it or where it came from but you find yourself listening to it on repeat for hours. Such a feel-good goofy tune, German metalcore/electronicore group Eskimo Callboy released Hypa Hypa on their most recent EP MMXX in September 2020.

The upbeat, EDM-influenced stylings of their songs keep their tracks catchy and their light-hearted humor is apparent throughout – just take the music video to this song for example.


Wage War- Stitch

I had never heard of the Florida metalcore group Wage War until I was dragged to see them live and boy do they go full ham when they’re on stage.  While arguably they can be described as generic metalcore I think they have this craft and flair to their tracks that sets them apart from the rest.

The intro to this track hooked me into it straight away and shamelessly had me restarting the song over and over just so I could hear it again. As soon as you hear vocalist Briton shout ‘PICK IT UP’ and the bass slam down you’re just dragged into a different dimension.


In This Moment – The Inbetween

I discovered In This Moment while sifting through youtube one day and was instantly hooked. While going around singing ‘I can be your whore’ probably wasn’t greatly appropriate for the age I was, I am and always will be a sucker for a female-fronted metal band. Nothing quite screams power like the literal heavenly metal screams of a woman on stage standing above the crowd in a predominantly male culture.

‘The In Between’, released in March of last year on their album ‘Mother’ combines all the sounds that ITM is known for into one track. Drawing together the electronic industrial sounds of the 2014 album ‘Black Widow’ alongside the bluesy raw sounds of the previous album ‘Ritual’.