06 January 2021

Repeat Offenders #9

Repeat Offenders – by Maria Glover


Okay, I thought this would be easier than it actually was – there is so much great music out there and so much I wanted to include! I feel music on a personal level and, while I can simply enjoy the sound of some music, some tracks or artists touch me emotionally and it’s those that I’ve included in my Repeat Offenders article below. I genuinely have all these tracks in my head right now and have listened repeatedly in the last few weeks (and much, much longer). Enjoy!


Stone Broken – Doesn’t Matter

Anyone who knows me knows that Stone Broken are my band, my go-to, and I’ve felt this way since the first time I saw them in Nottingham supporting Inglorious what seems like many years ago now, I think it was 2016. I love their attitude and style, and I adore their sound – you know when you hear a band once and just think ‘yes!’ Not only were SB one of the first bands to fly the New Wave flag they are clearly one of the best.

‘Doesn’t Matter’ is perhaps one of their lesser known tracks, from their 2018 album ‘Aint Always Easy’ but the lyrics just resonate with me so much; don’t sweat the small stuff and always believe in yourself! “I have been where you are, you have made it this far, and it doesn’t even really matter” is my battle cry.

From the first chords, I’m gripped and I adore that deep, growling vocal. You will always find SB on in my car – my mum once asked why I bothered buying other CDs! Please take a listen to the song which has touched my very soul. Oh, and they are amazing humans too.

With comparisons to Alter Bridge and Nickelback, you really should find out more about Stone Broken. Their next album is due early this year!

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Jared James Nichols – Nails In The Coffin’

Wisconsin born blues-rock guitarist and singer-songwriter Nichols is described by many as one to  watch amongst the finest guitarists in the world, and many are familiar with his pick-less technique and his custom Les Paul ‘Old Glory’. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing his live show a few times now and it’s not to be missed – in fact he was the last artist I saw before live shows went kaput (remember them?…)

As well as being a superb guitarist, his fingers aflame as he delivers powerful and expert fretwork, Nichols has a very soulful dulcet vocal. ‘Nails In The Coffin’ is a sultry and dark track, incredibly sexy and passionate.  It’s a tale of fighting and winning; “stick the nails in my coffin and I’ll rise up from the ashes”. The style fits the lyrics perfectly and its builds and builds to an immense chorus. I love this song so hard and am gutted that it isn’t 10 minutes long.

Nichols should be a name on everyone’s lips so find out more

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Florence Black – Smoke


‘Smoke’ is one of their older tracks – the first single released from Florence Black’s second EP – but also the one that made me sit up and take notice of this band. I love everything they have done and theirs is probably the heaviest side of my range. With blistering guitar solos, a ferocious rhythm section and a huge vocal this is not a band to be missed.

The song is deliciously sludgy and gritty, a powerhouse from the start, edgy and dangerous, edge-of-the-barrier type stuff. The gruff vocals switch to unbelievably melodic for the chorus and this is the bit that gets stuck in my head and refuses to budge. The energy and passion radiates from every second and this is a band you should definitely see live as they really bring their music to life on stage. I have to say there isn’t a Florence Black song that I don’t like and I’m eagerly awaiting the debut album this year.

This track is a great example of what Florence Black is about and what to expect so please do check them out.

Florence Black website      Facebook      Twitter      YouTube


Falling Red – Hell In My Eyes

If modern hard rock with enough grit and mettle to melt your face off is your thing then you need to check out Falling Red. I’ve followed this Band since I discovered them on the release of their ‘Lost Souls’ album in March 2018 when I fell in love with their sound and the sleazy anthem ‘Hell In My Eyes’ in particular.

Instantly recognisable by its pounding beat, ferocious vocals, this song is a roaring, triumphant attack which you just don’t want to end. The chorus is melodic and catchy as hell and never fails to get me up and singing! This track makes me glad to be alive, giving me an optimism about the future as I know I’m not alone in being a fighter who will give it all.

This month sees the 1st anniversary of the death of bassist Mikey Lawless from cancer. The band has been on hiatus since the loss of their best friend and, though we miss them, this is completely understandable and you have an army of fans at your back. The last time I saw them was one of the last times Mikey performed, at Rock In The Bowl in Sheffield, and they dedicated this track to him and his fight. I was in bits! He will be with you every time you are on that stage in future.

Check out Falling Red today, you won’t be sorry you did!

Falling Red website      Facebook      Twitter      YouTube


Rival Sons – Shooting Stars

“My Love is stronger than your Hate will ever be” pretty much sums up my whole outlook on life at the moment and this is the message from the final track in my repeat offenders list – ‘Shooting Stars’ by Rival Sons. The closing track of the sixth Rival Sons album, ‘Feral Roots’, is my favourite in terms of lyrics and I also love the slight change in style, demonstrating the agility and fluidity of their sound and the range of their influences. This band don’t shy away from pushing the blues-rock boundaries, Jay Buchanan’s soulful vocals almost legendary. This song however also features a gospel choir background throughout, which adds a more emotional and authentic feel and shows that this is not a band that should be side-lined as merely ‘mainstream’. It’s an inspiring and enjoyable record that tells us a very important thing to remember and pass forward at this difficult time. In fact I’m still toying with a tattoo based on this song…

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