28 August 2020

Ransom video interview, debut E.P. review and Colour Blind lyric video!!!


Caz Parker recently caught up with Ransom to discuss their brand new debut E.P. Halfway To Hell, check it out below!



To coincide with this Tina C. got her hands on the brand new E.P. for REVIEW!!!

Halfway To Hell – E.P.
Released at 3:33pm 5th August 2020



It’s Sunday morning, I’ve padded into the kitchen to make my morning coffee and popped on a bit of Surrey’s Ransom to carry on with my review duties. Bloody hell I’m awake after one track, forceful, determined, rough around the edges and a lot more punky than I usually care to venture, but there’s something about them that I like!

Pummelling bass, vocals delivered in a ‘have it’ manner and now a blistering guitar solo, all before I’ve had my second sip of coffee.

I’m rocking along to ‘Vindication’ and then out rips a guitar solo to make me sit up and take notice, which is a feature on all their tracks, we certainly “Can’t stop now…showtime!!”

I think I’ve worked out why they appeal to me, they remind me of my beloved Wolfsbane, in the sense that it ain’t pretty but boy they mean it and their conviction is such that it’s infectious! …and those solo’s that just come out of nowhere!

Next up my clear favourite and surely hit single material ‘Colour Blind’ has ‘it’, the message, the driving guitar lead bass-heavy rock and again yeahhh that guitar solo rocks! Call me insane but I can hear Ian Astbury throughout this EP, not a bad thing at all!

Loving the Iron Maiden-esque start of ‘Locked Down in London’ ahh another lockdown baby, it’s been an absolutely catastrophic time for the music industry, as we continue to struggle and strive to get back to normal life one day, this will be talked about for generations and the music it inspired will live on forever.

Love the almost sleazy guitar opening swagger of ‘(I’ll Never Be) No Gender Offender’ yeah there’s a title for ya! Yep Ransom have a message and lyrics can be found on their website.

Starting out as a covers band and now venturing into releasing their own original music, this is a short sharp shock and a great opening gambit, they are certainly halfway to hell already and I’ll be keeping an eye on where they go next!

There’s a lovely story on the bands Facebook page, so I’ll let them tell it…

“So here we all are, four months on (almost to the day) from having just played , what we didn’t know at the time was gonna be our last gig for a while at The Brewery Inn, Ashtead.

As a busy working Classic Rock Covers band we very much prided ourselves on doing the hard yards every weekend giving it our all on stage ( or bar floor ) and leaving nothing behind. Regularly paying homage and tribute to the music and bands that you and we all love and admire.

So what to do now? With nowhere to play and no chance of Pay! Without a glimmer of light or hope on the horizon. In fact, apart from Dave and Zach who are family , we were not even allowed to be in the same room together!

So instead of feeling sorry for ourselves we hit upon the idea of writing a song about breaking away from all this frustration and recording it remotely.

“Lockdown in London” sounded so good and proved such a popular track ( Just you wait until you hear the remix) that we decided to set up a go funding page to see if we could raise enough money to try and record some more.

Setting a target of £1,000 we never thought we would realistically get anywhere near that amount. However were just totally blown away by the love and support of our loyal family, friends and fans that we actually smashed that target within only two weeks.

As promised it all went back into the writing and recording of new original music. The end result is the quite stunning four track Ep ‘Halfway to Hell’

The tracks included which are all ‘Ranthems’ in their own right are :

1) Vindication
2) Colour blind.
3) Locked down in London
4) No Gender Offender

We are all incredibly proud of these four songs, that not only tip their respective hat’s to all our Rock ‘n’ Roll heroes but also cover many issues and topics that are very relevant right now.

‘ Halfway to Hell’ which was mixed and produced by the band themselves and will be available on all media platforms. Hard copys of which will be only a short limit run will also be sent directly to all our wonderful crowdfund sponsors and contributors as a thank you gift.”


I imagine a Ransom live show is intense and fun and loud, I will certainly go and find out when gigs are a thing again!

Just pure British rock in your face, have it!


AND what do we have for you here… the brand new lyric video for Colour Blind!!!



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