01 March 2020

Our City Fires – Foundations

Up-and-coming new band Our City Fires release their infectiously catchy second EP Foundations this week via independent release. Formed in 2018 and based in Leicester, the quintet is already storming the music scene having caught the attention of numerous radio stations including BBC Introducing East Midlands. The band have performed many shows throughout 2019, despite this being only their second year of formation, and have regular involvement in Camden Rocks events. Our City Fires lay their footprint in alternative rock with vibrant and energetic new EPFoundations and pave their way for future success.

The EP begins with the steel guitar intro of ‘Had It All’. This break-up song has an amazingly catchy rhythm with its chopped-up guitar and chugging bass. Lead vocalist Danny Richardson has quite a pop-esque voice but it fits seamlessly into Our City Fires’ pop/punk/alt-rock genre. While listening, the heavy rhythm guitar sections, and even Richardson’s powerhouse voice, remind me a lot of Mallory Knox.

‘You by Design’ is one of those songs that makes you smile with how satisfying the rhythms and melodies are. In particular, the palm-muted rhythms in the verses are gorgeous. With this track, it’s as if the true intensity of it is withheld until it explodes into the chorus.

Title track ‘Foundations’ has a message of solidarity. This song is another example of an amazingly crafted fusion of rhythms and melodies that you can’t help but move to. The gritty guitar sound paired with the bright specks of high-tone guitar fit together perfectly. And there’s still a powerful message behind all of this stunning music.

The lyrics of ‘Live a Lot’ feature advice straight from vocalist Richardson’s notebook about seizing the moment and taking every opportunity in life. On this track we have a new guitar sound, one more distorted and muffled, matching the ferocity of the band’s message. There is also a really nice shuffle rhythm on the drums that carries the song and gives it more of a pop-punk vibe. This is one of those songs that you turn up and up without realising how loud it’s become because it’s that good.

This is a great EP and an amazing start for the budding Our City Fires. It’s a thoughtfully crafted EP, fine-tuned, refined and closely knit. It sounds like the band really know what they’re doing. For me, they’ve ticked every box in the craft of alternative rock.


Highlights: “Had It All”, “You by Design” and “Live a Lot”

Foundations is out now.

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