16 July 2021
Photo of Parrilla band


Two threes delivered by me this week. As mixed and random as my everyday life recently is. Without beating about the bush, let’s just have a listen.

Love Among Freaks – Berserker

Olaf, Berserker.” This iconic performance in the cult-classic Kevin Smith’s Clerks became legend. Reminded me by my friend recently, Berserker settled in my playlist for good. Seems like it will stay there for a while. Can’t be listened to without a sign of smirk on a face. If you don’t know this one, give it a try, you’ll see why.

Parrilla – Mannequin Complex

Parrilla – four gifted guys, combining a wall of industrial noise with electronic hooks, release their new EP Femme Fatale I: Ensnared by Venus on July 30, 2021. Mannequin Complex promoting the album is one of those you fall for immediately. I’ve definitely abused the replay button. And will abuse it even more. And the whole EP soon, too.


Anthropophagus Depravity – Temple of Sacrifice

Recently released Anthropophagus Depravity’s Apocalypto spells an atmosphere of pure, brutal fury. Temple of Sacrifice single embodies the worst horror ever told with a firestorm of blasts and wild riffs. Killer track – more, please!

K.F.R. – All I See is You

Maxime’s fertileness of delivering ugliness twists my mind. All I See is You is worse than the worst acid trip. Every littlest sound is carefully selected and worked into the torment of the darkest sonic terror you can possibly experience.

8 Hour Animal – Almost Free

Almost Free portends one of the most interesting albums released this year. This hallucinogenic noise experiment will please the ears of all fans of harsh, heavy droning ambient. Ominously terrifying one. Can’t wait to torture myself even more.