11 February 2018

Live review – Cunning Stunts Cabaret, The Rigger, Newcastle Under Lyme, 9th Feb 2018

For a change, I, John E Smoke, am not writing about a band performance. Instead, I’d like to tell you just a little about my Friday night out at The Rigger, the long running rock pub/venue located in Newcastle Under Lyme. It is nearly Saint Valentine’s day, a day that symbolised love and romance for some people. For others though, it is time to get kinky. Enter Cunning Stunts Cabaret with their Rocky Horror themed Anti-Valentine’s show.

So who are Cunning Stunts Cabaret? At their dark twisted hearts they are a father daughter duo, Eve Elle and Baldini. Tonight they have their friends in tow too, Danni Hell, Bella Donna and Lux De Lioux. It is clear that this isn’t the first time that the duo have performed here as the venue is busy with people who clearly have an inkling as to what to expect. So yes, the Rigger is only a small venue, so one would not expect an extravaganza on the scale of say, Circus of Horrors, but they are here to entertain and they manage that with ease. The less formal surroundings and a knack for audience engagement provides for a more intimate affair and an enjoyable affair too.

The Rocky Horror themed entertainment is done well with Baldini making an excellent Riff Raff. Did I mention that this Riff Raff eats fire? The guest performers all deliver unique and high quality burlesque routines, most with a clever twist on a scene from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Throw in fire eating, uni-cycling, bull whips, walking on sword edges and much more and it all adds up to a evening of thrills and plenty of smiles. Sadly I had to leave before the grand finale due to being a public transport urchin, but I would certainly recommend a night with Cunning Stenuts Cabaret should they appear at a venue in your neck of the woods. All that is left for me to do is present you with a few photographs….