17 March 2021

LABEL SPOTLIGHT: Transcending Obscurity

Transcending Obscurity is one of underground metal’s biggest hotspots, particularly for extreme metal focusing on variations of black, death and doom. Based in India, they have a global reach of over 100 artists and focus a lot of their time into their Bandcamp page and web stores. I will be listing five tracks from upcoming 2021 releases below, so check them out! Links will be attached in the various sections so if something takes your fancy, just follow the link and enjoy!

Transcending Obscurity Webpage – Click HERE.

Transcending Obscurity Bandcamp Home – Click HERE.

Eye of Purgatory (Sweden) – ‘Fornever To Awaken’

Another project of one of Sweden’s death metal legends Rogga Johansson, we see him join forces with Taylor Norberg (Ribspreader) and Jeramie Kling (Venom Inc.) to create quite a power trio in Eye of Purgatory. Only two singles are currently available but ‘Fornever To Awaken’ is everything you’d expect death metal with these members to sound like. Fast, brutal and groovy we storm right out of the gates with blistering drums and serrated guitar riffs. Synths also make their presence known here which evokes melodic death metal, another genre closely associated with Sweden and their mastery of it. Overall, ‘Fornever to Awaken’ is a solid concoction of traditional Swedish death metal styles that presents itself in a polished and powerful track, look out for ‘The Lighthouse’ released 05/06/21.

‘The Lighthouse’ Pre-order HERE.

Eremit (Germany) – ‘Secret Powers Entrenched in an Ancient Artefact’

One for the doom fans here, coming in at a swift 18 and a half minutes, German sludge/doom outfit Eremit are arriving with their full-length number two this June. Huge fuzzy tones, dystopian fantasy themes/lyrics and an atmosphere that chills to the bone, Eremit brings a serious slab of “doomy” goodness to the table. ‘Secret Powers…’ features some great dynamic changes with cleaner guitar sections that help to break up the wall of fuzz which in turn helps to keep the listener engaged. Moritz Fabian provides a harrowing vocal performance, sounding like a demon from whichever realm/universe the band have conjured up. Despite being primarily doom metal, there are a few hints of black metal traits dotted throughout and could be a sign of how Eremit are evolving and forging their sound and style. Get your best headphones and immerse Check out their album ‘Bearer of Many Names’ out 01/06/21.

‘Bearer of Many Names’ Pre-order HERE

Plasmodium (Australia) – ‘Pseudocidal’

If the cold, dark vastness of space isn’t scary enough, then Plasmodium are sure to make you fear the cosmos with their atmospheric/cosmic/black metal mash up. Track ‘Pseudocidal’ begins with ominous atmospheric sounds and slowly introduces to the drums and other instruments. There is a constant feeling of unease during the whole process, partly down to not knowing what will happen at any moment. A sinister undertone permeates the sporadic rhythms and barking vocals of otherworldly origin; all of these components add up to quite the strange listening experience and may be a lot to take in even for the seasoned extreme metal explorers. Scare yourself silly with Plasmodium’s new album ‘Towers of Silence’ out 30/04/21.

‘Towers of Silence’ Pre-order HERE.


Soothsayer (Ireland) – ‘Cities of Smoke’

Soothsayer are an atmospheric tinged doom/black metal band from Ireland and ‘Cities of Smoke’ is a display piece for their excellent song-writing abilities. Throughout the track we hear a mixture of heavily distorted sections and some cleaner, melodic passages that blend, overlap and evolve with one another. This clever weaving of tones and structure makes for a satisfying listening experience while including some crushingly heavy passages. Like many other Transcending Obscurity bands, Soothsayer do an incredible job of constructing a unique and mystifying atmosphere that is worth getting immersed in. Keep an eye out for ‘Echoes of the Earth’ released 09/04/21.

‘Echoes of the Earth’ Pre-order HERE.

Crypts of Despair (Lithuania) – ‘Anguished Exhale’

After a double dose of some more atmospheric themed bands, we shall now wrap things up with a bout of menacing death metal – lovely! Crypts of Despair are a force to be reckoned with as ‘Anguished Exhale’ comes at you like a ton of bricks; a non-stop riff-fest that will obliterate your ear drums. A combination of deep, heavy chugging and piercing tremolo melodies make for razor sharp guitar prowess and the impactful drums and bass add to an overall gargantuan sound. They use a mixture of guttural growls and some lighter vocals to great effect here, by dynamically changing between the two to match the flow of the riffs. Crypts of Despair have absolutely nailed a crushing tone and will certainly be one to check out later this year, listen to ‘All Light Swallowed’ on 23/04/21.

‘All Light Swallowed’ Pre-order HERE.

As you’ve seen by even the few examples above, Transcending Obscurity are making huge waves in the underground extreme metal scene and harbouring some metal’s next best acts. They have a label sampler album available on their Bandcamp page, so if you like what you’ve heard above, go and check that out and give them some love!

Transcending Obscurity Label Sampler HERE.

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