12 March 2018

Joe Bonamassa – Cardiff Motorpoint Arena 09/03/18

You know there are times when you go to a gig and halfway through (and sometimes sooner) you wonder why you bothered. All the hype and advertising deceived you into attending and anticlimax of a show.

Certainly wasn’t the case tonight!

From the moment Joe took the stage he meant business. His first three offerings – all new tracks – may well have had us all wondering ‘what the f*** was that’ but left us in no doubt that Joe was still producing top quality Blues and gift-wrapping it in the most exquisite way (musically speaking). Joe has the most amazing backing band of equally talented musicians;

Drums: Anton Fig
Bass: Michael Rhodes
Keyboards: Reese Wynans
Trumpet: Lee Thornburg
Sax: Paulie Cerra
I also have to say that the backing singers were superb throughout (sorry I didn’t catch their names!)

He mentioned having a bit of jetlag but you would never have guessed as he thrilled us with nearly 2.5 hours of superb music that had the audience at times entranced and at other times screaming for more. This is clearly a man at the top of his game. There was never a moment when it all slowed down, you felt as if the whole band had no intention of letting anyone get out of there without a first class musical fix and I can’t imagine anybody feeling short changed. The whole sound produced by the band was exquisite and every note was greatly appreciated by an admiring throng of music lovers from primary school aged children to pensioners all mesmerised by Joe and the Band’s excellence.

Sure, some people may well have felt a bit disappointed that they didn’t get Sloe Gin but there were far too many treats coming our way to spend too much time lamenting its absence. I enjoyed the whole setlist especially when he gave us a couple of tracks from Blues of Desperation – No Good Place For The Lonely and How Deep This River Flows which were warmly received and loved by me. I also particularly enjoyed Last Kiss from the album The Ballad Of John Henry. I marvelled at how the whole band brought these songs alive.

Joe closed with the sensational and crowd-pleasing Hummingbird. I left the Motorpoint Arena exhausted but joyful having spent a few short hours in the presence of a genius delivering his goods to a very appreciative audience knowing that he had given them his best.

For goodness sake, catch Joe Bonamassa whilst on this Tour. You will not be disappointed!