17 February 2020

Giver – Sculpture Of Violence

Initially, this was going to be a relatively long review regarding German Quintet Givers new album. Then I decided that i was writing a load of crap.
So I thought… what better way to review Givers new album, “Sculpture of Violence”, than by doing it pretty damned short. Just like most of the songs on it.
I will say, this is by no means uncommon in hardcore and punk scenes. However. Each song on this album feels varied and exciting in a way that I found to be surprising for songs that averaged around 3 minutes and 30 seconds long.

The opening (and arguably best) track, Night Season instantly sets the tone for the album.
Raw, punchy, and brimming with dissent.  I can’t imagine a better way to open an album that tackles issues such as climate change, gender identities and rampant commercialism with all the subtlety of a bull on steroids.
Guitars are raw, and full of grit in a way that isn’t dissimilar to that of Stick To Your Guns. But also carry a harsh metallic tone in slower parts. Whilst crunchy bass steadily drives each song forward with help from some genuinely exciting drumming. All complimenting the harsh and throaty vocals laid over the top. The result? A mix of energy and anger, with bleak undertones.

From start to finish each track is suitably different to the last while maintaining Givers finely polished, melodic hardcore sound.
A mix of high energy passages, and lower tempo, more melodic sections help to create an exciting contrast in tone and pace. Softer moments and songs, such as Longing For Death, (who’s doomy ending provides an awesomely dingy feeling) really allow the more ferocious and aggressive parts of this release to be more impactful. The Same Stream, and title track Sculpture of Violence, are fantastic examples of this. An exciting mix of fast, mid, and slow tempo passages keeping both songs interesting. There was not one point where I felt any sense of repetitiveness.
Gang vocals are also heavily prevalent throughout Sculpture of Violence. A feature I find to create a wholly rousing atmosphere in the album. These Words Are Rain and Every Age Has Its Dragons (Like An Empire) are both brilliant for this. However, the call and response nature of the latter goes a long way to making it one of the albums most memorable songs.

While Giver haven’t necessarily done anything completely fresh for the genre. Their subtle mix of aggression and melody helps to elevate Sculpture Of Violence. Each play through being as exciting as the last.


Highlights: Night Season, Sculpture of Violence, and Every Age Has Its Dragons (Like An Empire)

Sculpture Of Violence is out now via Holy Roar Records and can be purchased here

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