19 December 2018

Ginger Wildheart Birthday bash 17.12.18 The Garage Islington

It was a long night of rock and roll. Ginger Wildheart has been doing music for a long time and over the past 30 years or so has worked with a lot of varied people across a wide spectrum and that is a lot of material to cover. It appeared that most of them had joined him tonight on stage to join in his celebrations, I counted 23 .These ranged from a celloist , a rockabilly , a punk legend, his former boss and a band reunion last seen in 1992.

8pm was a very respectful start time and Ginger , the dreadlock tattoo scary looking teddy bear stood stage right all night and for the next 3 hours played through 30 odd tracks spanning his career plus a few choice covers. It started off all mellow country , with a cellists and wash board ,  with tracks from his Ghosts in Tanglewood album, a live debut with Sweet wonderlust and Beautiful me, Beautiful you from the Wildhearts Landmines and Pantomimes LP. On came the rock , Share Ross (Vixen) ,guitarist Kavus Torabi and Denzil on drums and The Rev joined in 2 tracks later where they smashed their way through Hey!Hello numbers.

Michael Monroe forgot the script , this was Ginger Wildhearts night , but Mr Monroe was never shy of coming forward and for the next few songs he made the stage, monitors and crowd his , MC5’s kick out the jams would have on any other night been a Hellraiser of a set closer, but this was only half way through the night , could it get any more punky , you betcha , as walked onto the small stage the amazing 74 year young UK Subs frontman Charlie Harper for a frenzied Endangered Species and bounded off in the same way he made his entrance, classy , Punktastic , amazing stuff. If the crowd were in raptures, they were about to be orgasmic!

Wildhearts Dam last played with the band in 1992 , so tonight when he got behind the kit , it was going to be special, and special it was , 6 tracks from the Don’t be happy ..just worry mini album was a triumph, the fee paying crowds were in 7th heaven. Could it get any better? fuck yeah! Dam handed over the sticks to Ritch and the next 9 songs were Wildhearts classic’ covering Earth Vs , Fishing for Luckies and p.h.u.g albums. Frank Turner helped out on the last four and that man Michael Monroe couldn’t keep away and Gingers old boss jumped about for the final two ,  I wanna go where the people go . finishing it all off.

Ginger has demons, we all do, some more than others and he will not and must not be pigeon holed, he is a true talent that was evident by the sheer amount of work he played tonight, I don’t know the man, but from what I saw he started off a tad tense, but finished in party mood and enjoying the genuine love that his fellow musicians and fans have for him . Let’s hope that he has another birthday bash next year , put it in your diaries folks, you know the date , 17th December 2019, the venue is TBC.


Ginger(electric) with Sophia & Givvi(vox), Stix(cajon), Ai(drums), Carol(keyboards), Mia(cello)

  1. The Daylight Hotel

  2. Golden Tears

  3. Sweet Wonderlust (live debut)

  4. Beautiful Me, Beautiful You (The Wildheartssong)

  5. Paying It Forward with Kavus Torabi (guitar), Share Ross (Vixen) (bass), Denzel (drums), Kelli, Givvi, Eloise (vox)

  6. How I Survived the Punk Wars (Hey! Hello!song)

  7. Bloody Knees with The Rev, Kavus, Share, Denzel, Kelli, Givvi, Eloise

  8. Don’t Stop Loving the Music (Eloise vox)

  9. People Who Died (The Jim Carroll Band cover) (Rev vox)

  10. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah . Mark Thwaite (guitar), Jimmy Ashhurst (bass), Jamie Oliver (UK Subs) (drums)

  11. Friends of Bill

  12. Alvarado On The 2 (with Nick Parker)

  13. All You Need (Michael Monroe cover) (with Michael Monroe)

  14. Superpowered Superfly (Michael Monroe cover)

  15. Taxi Driver (Hanoi Rocks cover) (with Michael Monroe)

  16. I Wanna Be Loved (The Heartbreakers cover)

  17. Kick Out the Jams (MC5 cover)

  18. Endangered Species


  1. Don’t Be Happy… Just Worry (most of). Ginger, CJ, Danny, Bam (drums)

  2. Turning American

  3. Liberty Cap

  4. Nothing Ever Changes but the Shoes

  5. Crying Over Nothing

  6. Something Weird (Going on in My Head)

  7. Dreaming in A

Ginger, CJ, Danny, Ritch (drums)

  1. Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me

  2. TV Tan

  3. Sick of Drugs

  4. Nita Nitro

  5. My Baby Is a Headfuck

  6. Suckerpunch (with Frank Turner)

  7. Greetings from Shitsville (with Frank Turner)

  8. 29 x the Pain (with Frank Turner) (& Michael Monroe)

  9. I Wanna Go Where the People Go (with Frank Turner) (& Michael Monroe)



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Apologies for the poor quality photography , i was denied a photo pass and my camera got taken off me for the duration, so i relied on my old Iphone!