19 September 2021

Florence Black – Weight of the World

Album review by Maria Glover

Florence Black – ‘Weight of the World’


I’ve been waiting for this debut album from my favourite Welshmen Florence Black. After 3 kick ass EPs, this is the next step and what a statement they have made.

‘Zulu’ may just be my new ‘Ghost’ – powerful in every sense of the word, a huge sound consumes the listener, the ever-formidable drums are immense, and the whole song is truly atmospheric and ambient, like being surrounding by a mouth-watering wall of sound.

‘Inside Out’ starts with a spine-chilling whisper from Tristan Thomas on vocals, which creates a brooding, dark feeling. The customary throbbing beat hammers you throughout and the vocals have a waver in them that offers a little tiny middle eastern pull. I don’t want your love, Tristan, just your tunes #hearteyes

The fast and furious ‘On The Ropes’ has a gritty texture, the brutal metalcore screams switching with a raw vocal, this is a face-melter if ever there was one. The delicious blend of drums and bass are tremendously powerful and add to the overall ferocity.

‘Sun & Moon’ was released as a single so many are familiar with the velvety vocals, this track bringing the pace down but retaining that killer beat. This is a song to lose yourself in and, yes, I find my eyes closed through much of it just absorbing the sound. It’s wonderfully melodious and catchy as hell and makes me wish I could dance as my whole body wants to move along in time. Bliss.


Keeping that slower pace, ‘Grove Street’ is possibly the best vocal on the album; rich, sweet and sultry. This song is of a similar style to ‘The Ride’ from the EPs, alt rock with a punch more than full on metal. I absolutely love the way this band mixes up their style.

‘Black Cat’ is darker – sleek, seductive vocals intermingled with hardcore metal shouting, it is masterful and imposing. The blend of light and dark is perfection.

With an intro that literally knocks the breath out of you, a riff that gets you deep in your bones, ‘The Deep End’ is literally fatal. Love it.

By ‘So Far Away’ I’m quite emotional, not sure if it’s this song or the effect of the album and the relief at getting my hands on it, but I’m overwhelmed. Again in this track, the mellower start builds to a powerful chorus.

The album closes with ‘The Light’ – and nobody does a harmony quite like Florence Black. A growling vocal shifts up to become so melodious and smooth, it’s entrancing.

Is there nothing this band cannot do? No. This is a faultless debut full length album, with a variety of pace and style, a stunning record with incredible production which enhances the natural talents of these 3 young guys. Well deserved praise for this. Can my standout tracks include the whole album…? Phenomenal!


Rating 5/5

Standouts: Zulu, Sun & Moon, Black Cat

Click here to get it: https://lnk.to/WOTWalbum

Website https://www.florenceblack.uk/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/florenceblackUK

Twitter https://twitter.com/florenceblackUK


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Maria Glover