31 May 2020

Everyday Heroes – A Tale Of Sin And Sorrow

Everyday Heroes, ‘A Tale Of Sin And Sorrow’ album review


Following two EPs, Everyday Heroes release their first full length album, ‘A Tale of Sin And Sorrow’ on 5th June and this is a band I’ve been keeping an eye on since I saw them as runners up at Highway To Hell in 2017. Almost a household name in their native South Wales, these guys have been performing across the UK, supporting bands like Wolf Jaw (previously The Bad Flowers) and Florence Black, and getting some big name festivals under their belt.

The opening track, ‘Texas Red’ is a killer song with a powerful southern beat and a bassline through the floor. It’s fabulously authentic southern whiskey-soaked rock with a gruff and sexy vocal, and the instrumental at 3 minutes – wow. This is nectar to a cowgirl like me!

The pounding beat and catchy riffs continue with ‘Find My Way’, which appears at first predictable but is then transformed by some serious shredding. A dark and intense instrumental opens ‘Standing Stones’ and is joined by gravelly vocals which ooze emotion. The song builds to a big chorus which will be great live and get the audience singing aloud! This is a song I can close my eyes and get lost in.

The reverb in bluesy ‘The Witch’s King’ bounces round my head for days, and ‘Soul To Save’ is wickedly addictive with twists and turns and a lush bassline which levels itself in my gut and sticks there.


‘Victorious (Take My Chains)’ has a real ear worm chorus and gang vocals with a warrior-like beat and tons of attitude, and ‘All Outta Faith’ is a rabble-rousing crowd pleaser.

‘The Crow’ slows it right down and is heartfelt and emotive; soul searching, compelling and forceful. It’s a beautiful track full of depth and ferocity, and the acoustic outtro is delicious. I’ve argued with myself many times but I think this may be my song of the album. I think. Oh, I can’t decide! Yes, it is.

‘Breathe Again’ is a beautiful fortress of balls-to-the-wall rock music with a face melting instrumental midway through. The hooks in ‘West of Forever’ sound familiar, and the album closes with the dark and sombre ‘Without A Throne – brooding music paired beautifully with that deep, rumbling vocal.

I have to say I’m impressed. I don’t know what I expected but I think the EH guys have hit it out the park on this one and I love this album. There are some seriously stand out tracks in there too. EH are definitely ones to watch – exciting times ahead and I can’t wait to see them live again and check out how much they’ve developed in the last few years.


Rating: 4 out of 5

For more information check out their website https://www.everydayheroesband.co.uk/

Stand out tracks: Texas Red, Standing Stones, The Crow


Everyday Heroes are:
Luke Phillips – Vocals/Lead Guitar
Jay Haines – Drums/Percussion
Daniel Richards – Rhythm Guitar
Lewis Watkins – Bass