01 May 2020

Death Valley Knights interview and new single review!!!



Caz Parker recently caught up with Jake Thorsen and Hugo Terva of Death Valley Knights on the eve of the release of their new single, to talk about the new single “The Gift”, the band and general messing about, check it out below!



To coincide with this Tina C. got her hands on the brand new single for REVIEW!!!

Death Valley Knights
The Gift – single release May 2020

Warning! Listening to this track will have you climbing the walls (even more) to get out and see a live gig again!!!

Death Valley Knights, formed in 2011 and hailing from London, have been a live favourite of mine for some years, blending traditional metal with a modern edge, their straight up pummel you in the face unashamed heavy metal is delivered with killer power, as those that witnessed their recent set at HRH Metal in Birmingham will attest (aaahhh live gigs…remember those?!!).



Their 2017 release the excellent ‘Valhalla Vintage’ E.P. is never far from my speakers, you may be familiar with radio favourite ‘Be The Grizzly’.

New single ‘The Gift’ is, as it’s name suggests, just what we need in these isolated times, blasting this tune I’m transported to my happy place, riding the metal beast through dark lyrical content, melodic ear bending guitars and punch you in the chest, drag you through a hedge backwards double kick drums galore. Solid, fist pumping, metal awesomeness!

Working once again with producer/engineer Meyrick De La Fuente (Exist Immortal, She Must Burn, Derange) the band has returned with ‘The Gift’ – a song of the far distant future where there is only war and suffering across the cosmos.

“It was such a pleasure working with Meyrick as he tends to bring out the best in our playing,” says guitarist/vocalist Jake Thorsen.

He continues, “‘The Gift’ is a decent follow up to ‘Return of the Old Gods’ and the second of further singles we intend to release from the project we began with Meyrick last year. I feel we’ve become more ambitious in our songwriting, exploring ideas that we might otherwise have left without Meyrick’s encouragement. We hope the fans are able to bang their heads as always with our latest direction but also hold onto the spirit of metal that we’ve always promoted in every release.”

I’m really looking forward to hearing more when their new E.P. drops this autumn, but for now download this track and turn it up and for the next four minutes, escape lockdown and ride the metal beast that is Death Valley Knights!

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