08 June 2019

Dancing With The Dead podcast June 08

Another fresh slice of fresh new tunes.
Week in, week out we deliver new noise direct to your ears and this week is full of new stuff from

Eva Bartok – chess club
Phoxjaw – melt, you`re a face of wax
Ogikubo Station – spend some time with me
Obiisss – paranoia
The Dollyrots – everything
Get Your Head Straight – medusa
Petlib. – shell
Trope – lambs
The Armed – ft frank turner
Dust Prophet – shadow army
Age Of Days – nerve
Take Today – lifeline
Bad Flower – promise me
Ghost Season – fade away acoustic
Destroy Planets! – immortal
Unto The Wolves – the pacifist
Outright Resistance – parthenocarpy
Exhumer – king`s end
Death Angel – i came for blood
Vader – steeler
Heist 211 – fight
Hemina – we will
Northlane – talking heads
Grief – burial
Anyone – don`t wake me