04 July 2020

Dancing With The Dead July 04 with a brief history of The Haunted

In a slight change to the normal format this week, join Ben Jekyll for an hour of new music before we take a look at the career of Swedish death/thrashers The Haunted with a track from their self titled debut up to their current album Strength in Numbers

Broadside – heavenly
TellTale – won`t be me
Man With A Mission – change the world
Orbital Junction – green man
Fire From The Gods – break the cycle
Senser – baba o riley
Killatrix – subterranean
Bring Me The Horizon – parasite eve
Evanescence – the game is now
Dark Sarah – illuminate
Amaranthe – virus
DevilDriver – iona
The Haunted – hate song
The Haunted – dark intentions/bury your dead
The Haunted – godpuppet
The Haunted – abysmal
The Haunted – the fallout
The Haunted – faultline
The Haunted – no ghost
The Haunted – time(will not heal)
The Haunted – spark
Wargasm – spit
The Qemists – run you
Faderhead – tzdv

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