05 July 2020

Heresy with Adz 04.07.2020

If you’ve missed this weeks Heresy – you can now catch up on the podcast

Two hours filled with industrial / goth / EBM / postpunk and more

This weeks Quantum Leap was The Mission and Soundtrack Soundbites was bought to you by Front Line Assembly.


Killing Joke – America
The Wake – Sideshow
Two Witches – Requiem
Black Needle Noise Feat. Anjela Piccard – She Talks To Angels
I Ya Toyah – It’s No Good
Front Line Assembly – Stürm
Tragic Black – Nostalgia
Berlin – The Dope Show
Totenwald – Black Drops
Decent News – Krokodil (Cyanotic Mix)
45 Grave – Riboflavin
Beauty In Chaos feat Ashton Nyte – The Outside
London After Midnight – Psycho Magnet
Needle – On Your Knees
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Strange Dream
Spankthenun – Carbon Responder (Imperfextion’s Escape The Machina Mix)
Dead Souls Rising – Hoping That
The Mission – Serpents Kiss
The Mission – Within The Deepest Darkness (Fearful)
Betty X with Steven Seibold and Martin Atkins – Shoot ‘Em Up
Horrorpops – Freaks In Uniform
Lene Lovich Band – Savages II
Death Loves Veronica – Gothic Candy
Emergency Sequence – Sharpening The Axe
Play Dead – This Side Of Heaven
Joy Division – Atmosphere

Bedding music was from the 2000 movie Pitch Black by Graeme Revell of SPK