04 July 2020

The Global Onslaught with Andy Shaw 03-07-20 Covered with Covers


Global onslaught with Andy Shaw 3-7-20

Cardigans – sabbath bloody Sabbath

Limp bizkit – faith

Terrorvision – Psychokiller

Guns n roses – knocking on heavens door

The cardigans – mr Crowley

Oasis – my generation

Metallica – am I evil

Manic Street preachers – suicide is painless

Portland cello project – climbing up walls

Realm – Eleanor Rigby

Sia – paranoid android

Gillan – trouble

Rammstein – stripped

The cardigans – iron man

The mission – dream on

Souisie and the banshees – halter skelter

Marylin manson – sweet dreams

Thin Lizzy – whisky in the jar

Nevermore – Sound of silence

Children of Bodom – oops I did it again

Tursias – Rasputin

Megadeth – these boots are made for walking

Utilitarian – all you fascists

Cannibal corpse – no remorse

Death – god of thunder

Vader – black metal

Faith no more – midnight cowboy