31 March 2020


Anyone for tennis, the latest solo album by The Electric Boys frontman is definitely about love and matching up, but also tackles the problems about living with the high expectations of todays world. Conny Bloom is a rather quiet, deep and reserved person when you talk to him, but that introvert turns into one of Swedens most popular and outpouring vocalists when he produces albums like this. The Electric Boys are one of my all time favourite bands, I love their rock, groove and funky style, however what does Mr Bloom create when left to his own devices? Well, the first challenge is translating the track list, as it’s in Swedish, I’ve done my best with those! Conny also sings in his native tongue, but I have managed to decipher the meaning behind some of the songs. 

Opening with ‘AB Maffiadojjor’ (Mafia Sneakers?!) with its slow, creeping introduction and added Jazzy snippets, I can tell from the start this journey is going to be a completely different direction from the Bands. The vocals are low and moody, like Lou Reed in many ways and there are added spoken lines that give it quite an aura. ‘Rulla På’ (Roll On) is a more poignant message about bullying, a simple tune it builds with more direct rhythm and turns into a pleasant surprise of a track. ’Skadad’ (Hurt) follows the tale of a heartbroken woman, again just an easy going number, but it does contain Conny’s most heartfelt vocals. There is an essence of fun and more of the familiar funk on ‘Knegarjäntan Ä Jag’ ( The Knee Girl & Me ?) Reminiscing about a tomboy, it’s a light and more popping, upbeat tune.

‘Jag Tror Jag Trollat Bort Mig Själv’( I Think I Trolled Away Myself ?!) or words to that effect. Is a rather melancholy song, guitar with low and intricate screaming is mixed with some solemn sounding words. Reflecting losing yourself in todays technical society, it is quite hard hitting. ‘Dubbelgig’ ( Doublegig ) is a positive one, hooky with grooves and a lovely chant of a chorus, going right off the wall towards the end. ‘Jag Vill Ha Dig’ ( I want You) has some interesting electric violin, that adds richness and it gets quite complex in a good sort of way. The instrumental ‘Gånglåt från kärrträsk’ (Hint From Kärrträsk) takes its idea from the roots of Swedish Folk music, it’s Gypsy Jazz, something Conny loves and is a massive winner. The last track ‘När ska jag få bli kär då’ (When should I fall in love then) is more of a ballad, but doesn’t hold back and rounds the album off beautifully. 

Despite being totally in a foreign language ‘Game! Set! Bloom!’ is a worthwhile listen and fans of the Swedish funksters will probably like the offbeat humour you can find hidden in a lot of the content, including the albums cover. Apologies go to any of those reading, that understand Swedish, for my poor attempt and anything lost in translation ! 


  • 1. AB Maffiadojjor
  • 2. Rulla på
  • 3. Skadad
  • 4. Knegarjäntan å jag
  • 5. Jag tror jag trollat bort mig själv
  • 6. Flyttkarl
  • 7. Dubbelgig
  • 8. Jag vill ha dig
  • 9. Gånglåt från kärrträsk
  • 10. När ska jag få bli kär då

The album was released on 13th March and can be purchased via the Mighty Music/ Target Website 




“What does Mr Bloom create when left to his own devices’

Highlights – (5)Jag tror jag trollat bort mig själv, (7)Dubbelgig, (9)Gånglåt från kärrträsk