25 April 2019

Conclusion- 50 Years Of Metal

It’s been nearly two weeks since our daily discussion of each year in the history of metal ended and nearly a week since we had a live celebration of this wonderful music at The Hammer and Anvil in Birmingham. For everyone involved in this project, it’s been a wild ride. We’ve gained the attention of other organisations- more exciting news on that coming soon; the mighty Motorhead shared our tribute to Lemmy on their social media and we achieved a constant stream of engaging content to you, our readers. It gave members of our team the chance to talk about albums they normally wouldn’t get to, and to share praise of albums that often get over looked. The generation spanning staff of MMH came together to celebrate the breadth of music and genres that fall under the banner of metal, a celebration in equal parts of our heritage and our future. As I said, it’s been a wild, crazy, stressful, but ultimately rewarding experience for us all.

But enough blowing our own trumpets. This project would not have been successful without you: our readers. As with metal in general, the community is what makes MMH and this project truly special. This project has been one of the most far reaching, and engaging projects MMH has ever undertaken, and it’s all down to each of you who’ve read, shared, reacted and commented on our writing. Hopefully, we’ve won over some new fans but even if we haven’t the reaction to this from all of you has been incredible and worth it all on its own. On behalf of the whole station and, especially, everyone who contributed to this project thank you so much.

Before we close out here, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Stephanie Ingram. Steph came up with this project and has really been the driving force behind the whole thing, none of this would have been possible without her determination to see this through. To close out then: please join Glynn Sheppard on Monday for a special edition of his Rockin’ The Studio show, where he’s celebrating the whole project. Let’s close this whole project with the only thing that really matters: the music.