17 June 2022

British Metalcore Quintet We Are Sovereign Unveil New Video MMH

New Clip For “Nostalgia (Acceptance)” Released

British Metalcore We Are Sovereign have released a new video for the track “Nostalgia
(Acceptance)”. The single premiered on Kerrang! Radio and the video premiered on V13!

Speaking about the track, vocalist Laura Russell had this to say:

“Have you ever had those moments in your life where you feel lost and fear the unknown? When you
feel so overwhelmed you just long to go back to those moments where you felt safe and happy. The
realisation eventually hits you that you can never go back and feel exact moments at that exact time in your life ever again.

That’s a scary thought and eventually we have to let go. That’s the difficult part. Nostalgia can be
amazing and heartfelt but at the same time it can be so dangerous and toxic. You have to know the

boundaries of when it’s OK to reflect and when it’s time to let go.”

The video can be found here:


Formed by Russell in 2019 in Chaddesden, Derby after being in bands since she was 15 as either a
drummer or vocalist, along the way she felt she never got to express her creativity and ideas freely or
to their full potential. She felt she was always around the wrong people or people she couldn’t relate
to or felt she was around people who saw it as more of a hobby than a serious potential musical career.

She decided to start from the very beginning to take it upon herself to get everything written and ready
to go alongside her childhood friend Arran Bee, then get members on board who were as passionate
and committed to the vision of the band as she was. Endless amounts of late nights has led to the formation of We Are Sovereign.

After suffering for years with gender dysphoria since being a teenager and spending many years
battling mental health, Laura had a life changing operation to feel comfortable within her own skin.
The emotions of Laura’s experience are where a lot of the inspiration for the music, concepts and
lyrics come from. When Laura had recovered from a journey of healing and finding herself, she began to recruit members.

With the right line up finally in place, the global pandemic hit, forcing things to a standstill. Things
were complicated further when Laura endured several media issues, including a cancer scare. A few
days after getting the all-clear the band headed into the studio to record their debut single with
Audiomage and then went on to film their first music video with Loki Films in June 2021, “Bridges
Burnt Lessons Learnt (Betrayal)” featuring Ryan Tuck O’Leary from Fit For A King. The band have
since been featured by Vents Magazine, Planet Mosh, The Razors Edge and more. The band are currently finalising plans for their debut album.

The band wanted to mention everything and the fight they’ve experienced along the way to also
stress to anybody reading NEVER GIVE UP. No matter what life throws at you, don’t you dare ever
give up. Fight for what you believe in and fight for what you believe you were put on this earth to do.
Everybody deserves to feel comfortable within their own skin without judgement and they want people to drive that point home.

The band have set their sights on getting their message out to the wider world and hope to spend as much time as possible in 2022 on the road.