19 June 2014

Borghesia – And Man Created God

Review by Raggedyman

It’s an impressive feat to be both as pissed off and laid back as Borghesia are, but they manage to pull it off with great aplomb in their latest album And Man Created God. They also manage to fix a banjo and a Hawaiian slide guitar into an EBM album, so they are quite clearly mental and more than happy to play with touches of Americana whilst keeping bits of their native Slovenia sound. Good news is that it works, it works very well.7823880808

More playful art than experimentation it’s all highly accessible, if easy listening songs about the dangers of capitalism are your thing, and never gets dull through repetition or too high a concept. Nothing is heavy in here, although some of it is a little compact and demands more than one listen so you are sure you’ve heard everything.

Standout track goes to opener “We Don’t Believe You”, sounding halfway between a workers protest song and the theme tune to a 50s western, with “Shoot Out The Clocks” just behind, whilst the Most Danceable award goes to the rather fantastic “My Life Is My Message”, . However those are very hard picks to make, as there isn’t a duff track among the nine of them. Previews can be found here, but my advice is to get the lot of them if you are after something interesting, uplifting, and thoughtful.