21 August 2021

Blacktop Mojo

Blacktop Mojo, self-titled fourth album


Texan southern-heavy-grunge rock band Blacktop Mojo release their fourth album and it is a belter – all killer no filler. You need this album to make your life complete. Or even bearable. It’s just that good.

The five-piece band have a blend of influences which truly shine through their music and make it suitable for anyone and any mood, but which doesn’t define them as they maintain (and perfect) a style all their own. There’s a little southern fire in the belly, a hint of classic rock, and more than a sprinkle of delicious grunge.

Latest single ‘Wicked Woman’ opens the album and is a fabulously mystical and sexy track with a real sense of despair portrayed in the vocals, as the album storms into the room and grabs me by the throat. What a start!


The superbly named ‘Bed Tundy’ is a dark, ominous and foreboding masterpiece, rousing and irresistible chug rock with ingenious and intriguing lyrics, and one of my standouts on this album. The honey-coated, deep and sensual vocals in southern rock track ‘Latex’ draws me in completely as the song rises and falls, smooth, faultless and enchanting.

A solid chug rock style is evident throughout ‘Rewind’ where yet again the depth of the vocal invades your heart, and ‘Jealousy’ slows the album down only to build to an intense and passionate chorus, the sheer emotion illustrated through the vocal is captivating. ‘Make Believe’ is a short interlude which just gives you enough time to compose yourself before the next phase of epicness!

The reverb drums stand out in ‘Darlin’ I Won’t Tell’, another track which oscillates between dark and mysterious and evolving to a face melting chorus, powerful and emotive that hits all the right spots. But ‘Do It For The Money’ is another standout for its distinctness; the chunkiest of riffs, big vocals and gospel style backing vocals. The drum beat affords power and structure but isn’t overwhelming and all instruments and vocals are perfectly blended and in sync making for a true work of art. Exceptional.

‘Hold Me Down’ is simple yet majestic, a country influenced ballad that seems to be built around 2 chords, and ‘Cough’ is a fuzzy track that exhibits authentic grunge perfection.

‘Stratus Melancholia’ features a filtered vocal, the heaviest track with an atmospheric quality and wailing guitars to close.

‘Tail Lights’ closes this album. A chance to come back down from the dizzying extreme of the heavyweight predecessor, this is a softer, warmer track with clear, crisp vocals which beseech “please don’t go” and I’m not going anywhere, honey. Such emotion and vulnerability on display, the final track is poignant and moving.

There isn’t one duff or disappointing song on this album, each track is just the right style, tone, and seems to be in the perfect place on the tracklisting, to ensure this is a killer album which you will enjoy time and time again for a long, long time.

Live your life with no regrets and buy it today.


Rating : 5/5

Standouts : Bed Tundy, Latex, Do It For The Money

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Maria Glover