16 September 2021



The young four from Blackpool have now dropped their debut EP of creative metal-core, entitled ‘Parallels’. Written during lockdown Avarus address some of the problems faced more and more in today’s society, including the pressures of social media and the impact of isolation from Covid restrictions. Often brutal and potent, yet maintaining an air of stupendous finesse, these seven tracks take a rugged path through arrogance, loneliness and prejudice.        

‘Plight’ is unleashed as an introduction and the harsh vocals of Lucas Fletcher dominate over a mash of raw and untamed cadence. The drums are in focus as the rhythm strengthens and as the pace remains furious, Lucas brings in more high wails to compensate the lower bass, it’s a brave and powerful start. ‘Pain & Contention’ raps with evil and devilish charm, more grinding thrash  metal is thrown out and then it softens a little in places. Nice distortion on the lower frets and I like the contrasting noise. ‘Nothing Left To Save’ is a change of direction, a solemn tune full of personal sentiment. ‘I can’t bear the weight, it’s crushing me, with the words you said, I know you meant them, so let it be’. Very fervent and quite captivating with its sense of grief. ‘Sadist’ soon gets into a running tempo and Lucas utters cries that are more blatant and I love the mid point where it gets increasingly malevolent in tone. Some cool guitar is stuck in and that brings it to an abrupt finish. 

‘Vultures’ also has some strong lyrics ‘Like a Bird with no wings to fly, We fear the end in sight, As we look for a place to hide, No Peace No Pride’. The drums are clearly heard again and take a lot of the brunt. The menace of guitar riffs and disturbing beauty of this song makes it one that rises in stature. The title song ‘Parallels’ has a lot of dynamics and among the floating chords, there are more bold vocals. Before the guitar takes hold there’s an increase in melody and the jostle between them sees it out. The final track ‘Wasted Amity’ continues with some of the harkening ferocity of previous numbers, albeit having a charming and calm introduction. It a pounding with destructive attitude, that’s then dispersed with less sharpness and more of a throbbing rhythm, before it leaves us fading out surprisingly quietly.  

A young band that have taken all their fears, emotions and experiences and gathered them to create quite a unique and striking EP. 

‘These seven tracks take a rugged path through arrogance, loneliness and prejudice’.        

Highlights  – Pain & Contention , Vultures 


Stream here – https://lnkfi.re/parallels

Available on all platforms you can also buy you copy here – Avarus.co.uk

Go to the AVARUS facebook page for more details and updates HERE or visit the WEBSITE


Recorded and Produced at Innersound Audio 

Rock People Management