04 April 2014

Ambassador21 – Riot Generation

a21coverAfter some quality digital-hardcore? Best give the latest album by Ambassador21 a listen then. It’s ten tracks (3 songs and multiple remixes of each by various other artists, so I’m not sure if its an EP with a bunch of extras or an LP in and of itself ) of pissed off aggression, heavy techno beats, blaring guitars, heavily distorted sounds (possibly the odd missile strike), and generally up for it noise. It’s also got some ridiculously bouncy bits (cause the Black-Block deserves something to dance to) and one of the best vocal duets I’ve heard this side of Alec Empire and Hanin Elias’s hayday, so among all the techno-brutalism there are some serious musical skills on show.

Title track Riot Generation deserves to become a dancefloor classic whilst Fuck All Systems could also do good service to a movie soundtrack (assuming it was something dystopian). There isn’t an original version of Dope On to give a clear opinion on, but both versions are a mellow break from the rest of the tracks and show that there is diversity in this duo’s work, rather than the over-powered one-trick-pony that can be the trap of the genre. The only two incredibly minor niggles I can find with it (and I’m being petty and selfish with these) is that not all the lyrics are in English, so I can’t make out everything they are saying in their native Russian, and that its mostly remixes rather than a full brace of tracks. However those are minor concerns as this is fundamentally great to melt your stereo with.

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