14 August 2019

10/08/19- BOA- MMH

After an amazing evening me and my friends all had a catch up in the morning and chilled out with a Coffee.The weather had took a turn for the worst and the wind was unstoppable. All gazebos had to be taken down in the campsites as security was worried about peoples safety.

I headed in to the arena to grab some breakfast and had a look to see what was going on before the bands kicked off. I noticed the HMLC was back again . So I had a watch.It was great to see Men and Women competing.


                                                                                                            Photo Credit- Stephanie Ingram- MMH Press Officer



I met up with our in house DJ- Adam Onslaught in the Media tent again today. He was interviewing the following bands playing Bloodstock today.Head over to our interview page to check them out!

  • Empire Warning
  • Djinova
  • Masters Call
  • Scars Of Remembrance
  • Evil Scarecrow
  • The Wildhearts

I also had the chance to catch up with AeSect who were playing the New Blood at 3pm on the Sunday and Co-host an interview with a band also playing the New Blood stage called Widows. Then i caught up with Liam from the Cancer Bats.


Up next were a Bloodstock favourite known by the name of Evil Scarecrow. The band had the crowd going in sync when playing their most famous track called Robototron and they were joined by a Alfie who is only 12 years old but knows how to shred a guitar.



After Evil Scarecrow I had a wander over to the Season Of Mist tent to have a look around.This is one of my favourite labels.As you can see in the photo the weather was not looking so great today.




Next up was a band I was really happy to be finally watching as this was a first and I have been a fan for a while. Hailing from Bergen Norway was a band called Helheim. A lot of interest was building up in the tent and you could feel the anticipation building up in the crowd. The band were playing tracks from their latest album Rignir . Absolutely flawless performance and a great ambient atmosphere.The vocal range coming Hgrmnir and Vgandr sounded very natural and relaxed as they was singing in their native language Norwegian. During the set I noticed Norse landscapes and wolves running in the snow were being projected during their live performance. Towards the end of their set I looked over and was completely unaware but Hoest from Taake was standing right next to me and my friends , within seconds of noticing he appeared on the stage to sing Dualitet og Ulver. 

If you haven’t  already please head over to our interview page. I had chance to speak with speak with Vgandr and Hrymr about their new album. They were very welcoming and it was great meeting the rest of the band after the interview and Taake before their set.


                                                                                                                     Photo Credit- Friends of Helheim






Before heading backstage again I heard an announcement. Bloodstock were worried about the safety of the bands and had to remove both screens from the main stage and drop the lights on the stage. The wind was so severe the Ronnie James Dio Stage had to temporarily close. This left the fan’s concerned and worried . Another announcement was then made shortly after saying ”Cradle Of Filth will no longer being playing today and will return to play at 17:40 tomorrow”  A news post was then put up through social media stating ”Anyone who came to see Cradle Of Filth today will be honoured to return with their day ticket again tomorrow”. 


   Photo Credit- Stephanie Ingram- MMH Press Officer


                                                                                                                   Photo Credit- David Stanton


The day was going so quick and before we knew it was Taake as playing next in the Sophie tent. So we made our way over.



                                                                                                              Photo Credit- Stephanie Ingram- MMH Press Officer


Another band descending from dark side of Norway was Taake. The tent was filling up quickly as they were were headlining the Sophie Stage that night. The stage was dark but the Taake banner was lit up. The band hailed to stage with their usual stage appearance covered in corpse paint. The duel guitar work between Aindiachal and Gjermund was mesmerising. Vgandr  was headbanging,playing bass and singing deep backing vocals which was a talent in itself. Runes stamina for playing drums is insane and he really complements the whole live performance. Hoest also sings in Norwegian and has very deep and screechy vocals which is incredible to listen to. The band didn’t speak to much during the live performance which I always find is a good thing as you want to hear as much as the set list as possible. The set ended very abruptly yet the crowd were very pleased.

Taake’s latest album is Kong Vinter  released through Dark Essence Records.