15 August 2019

11/09/19- BOA 2019-MMH

Still over the moon with Taake and Helheim last night I realised the festival was coming to an end . We powered through the wind and rain and was still looking forward to what the Sunday had to offer.

For those that might not have seen the recent news Dimmu Borgir unfortunately was unable to make the show today and pulled out a few days before the event. A news post from their social media read the following.


      ”Dimmu Borgir regrets to inform you that we have to cancel our appearance at Bloodstock Festival due to illness. The doctors have ordered full rest for the minimum of one week”


I was gutted and I’m pretty sure their fans at the festival was to but health comes first. Here’s to a speedy recovery Dimmu .Taking their place last minute and moving from the Ronnie James Dio Stage to the Sophie Lancaster Stage was a band called Batushka who played their set at 8pm that evening.Due to the line up change I was unable to make their set as they were clashing with bands I had already planned to watch.



I’d personally  like to give a big shout out to Dan Carter from Fat Angel. We have a long history of friendship and music projects in the past. Its always great to have a catch up with him. He had a few of his bands playing the New Blood Stage and Jagermeister Stage over the weekend. Our in house DJ- Adam Onslaught caught up with them over the weekend so be sure to head over to our interview page!


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I headed back to the Media tent for the last time today to catch up with  DJ- Adam Onslaught.He was interviewing the following bands today.

  • Jailbirds
  • Resim
  • 28 Double
  • Witch Tripper
  • Elyrean
  • Fallen Temples
  • Soilwork
  • And the mighty Ross The Boss.


Next up was one of my favourite death metal bands of all time playing on the Ronnie James Dio Stage called Hypocrisy.


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Photo Credit- Stephanie Ingram- MMH Press Officer


I made sure I was right on the barrier for this band as I didn’t want to miss a thing.It was weird seeing them in the light as I’m used them being higher up on the bill but I was happy they were playing full stop so I couldn’t complain. The weather stayed dry enough and I was well excited for their set.The band didn’t waste any time at all as soon as they were on stage they kicked straight in to their set.  As you will see in the photo the band are in perfect sync with each other during their live performances. I love the sound of the harmonised distorted riffs that bleed in to the most immense solos.

Peter (vocals) said ” We don’t have much time so were gonna get through as many songs as possible


Peter’s grunting and harsh vocals really complement their tracks and ties in well with the rhythm of each song played.And you get a good feel the drums coming from Reider . The band played just a handful of my favourite tracks including Valley Of The Damned and The End Of Disclosure. I really wasn’t ready for their set to come to an end and I could have been there all night watching them.





Whilst looking at my lanyard I got chatting to a band that was headlining the main stage tonight at 19:30. The band were called Damim. They were kind enough to hand a CD over and a Shirt that I wore for the rest of the evening. I got talking with their singer Nathanael Underwood about their new album release called A fine Game Of Nil and I was really looking forward to their set.


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  Photo Credit – David Stanton





As if there wasn’t enough happening at Bloodstock this weekend I spotted a small Viking Village with a lady serving mead from a ship. They had axe throwing and a strong man competition with The God of Thunder And Lightning  mighty hammer and a large log with the groups logo carved in to the wood.It was a great set up and without even realising I knew the traders running Valhallas Silver. They know my Svartland Viking re-enactment group well.

               Photos Credit- Stephanie Ingram – MMH Press Officer

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Just after the Viking village after I was heading back to Lemmy’s bar I heard a hidden gem coming from the New Blood Stage. I stopped in my tracks and told my friends to meet me there and check out this band I heard.


I only caught the last 2 songs of their set but mind blown was an understatement. They were a two piece band called Golden Core from Oslo Norway. I couldn’t believe how young they were.Whilst their drummer was playing he was also singing the most insane vocals.  Looking at their page they have a fully booked tour. Please head over to their Facebook and check them out.





Another amazing stand at Bloodstock this year was being run by the amazing Rachel Hall and her awesome daughter Alisha Hall at Heathen Wax Works . Rachel was selling candles specifically made for Bloodstock again this year after being so popular last year. Her candle creations are out of this world.Please head over to her page and check them out.  I never did get chance in the end to go over and get mine so I really hope they have some left.She was so busy the weekend I barely had chance to see her or get any photos!


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   Photo Credit – Rachel Hall – Heathen Wax Works 



I headed back to my tent to pack up my clothes etc to make it an easy pack down for the morning and check everything was OK. A lot of tents during the weekend had been damaged. I must say it was so nice to see everyone over the camp sites helping each other out and lending pegs to make sure their tent and belongings stayed safe.Another thing I would like to mention is the go green this year and the recycling Bloodstock had this year.


I headed back to the arena to watch the last band headlining the Sophie Stage tonight. I must admit I don’t listen to the band a lot but their live performances are out of this world.


Photo Credit- Stephanie Ingram- MMH Press Officer


Elueviete were closing the festival that evening in the arena. The tent was absolutely rammed and the crowd was getting impatient for their arrival on stage. Their stage set up was very impressive especially the drums as you might see in the picture above alongside the mountain back drop. I couldn’t keep up with the change of singers and the mixture of instruments. As you will see in the list below this is the amount members and instruments in the band.

Alain Ackermann – Drums
Chrigel Glanzmann – Vocals, Mandola & Mandolin, Tin & Low Whistles, Bagpipes, Bodhràn
Michalina Malisz -Session Hurdygurdy
Jonas Wolf – Guitars
Rafael Salzmann – Guitars
Matteo Sisti – Tin & Low Whistles, Bagpipe, Mandola
Kay Brem – Bass
Nicole Anspenger- Fiddle
Fabienne Erni – Vocals, Harp, Mandola


Absolutely incredible live performance  and the band really bought pagan folk metal to life.I really like the tin whistles .I don’t think words can justify just how good they are live.The video I have added below has got to be one of my favourite tracks during their performance.The synth during this song is so intense alongside the duet between Chrigel Glanzman’s harsh vocals and Fabienne Erni’s powerful vocals.  Not a band i would usually go to but they are great live.




I would personally like to give a big shout out to the Bloodstock crew for working so hard to make sure everyone was safe and has great entertainment all weekend. And for all the hard work the staff did the weekend. It was yet again an amazing weekend and i will look forward to returning again next year.

Thank you Cosa Nostra and Nuclear blast It was great meeting you guys with Adam the weekend.


For those looking to book up for next year below is all the information. you may require. Bloodstock is celebrating its 20 year anniversary so be sure to get in quick!


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